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Destination Data Survey and Door Knocking

The Vale of Glamorgan Council works with Careers Wales, for the annual Destination Survey and regular follow-ups as part of the Youth Engagement and Progression Framework (YEPF).


As part of the YEPF, the Vale of Glamorgan, along with all local authorities in Wales, must track young people as they leave education from 16-18.  This is undertaken through regular work with Careers Wales, as well as with phone calls, emails and home visits, depending on up-to-date contact information held.


The aim of the contact is to confirm whether you are currently in education, employment or training and, if not, whether there is any support we can offer as a local authority to help you re-engage in education, employment or training.


The local authority receives regular updates from Careers Wales, schools and other partners that young people have dropped out of education or have not responded to follow-ups and their current situation is unknown.  The Youth Service then undertake follow-ups to try and confirm the current situation as well as offering support, identifying barriers to engagement and signposting to other services.  This may be done through phone calls, emails, letters or home visits.


The team attend A-Level and GCSE results days, to support those leaving year 11 and 13 with their next steps, especially if you missed out on getting your required grades for any next steps you had planned.


If you have received a letter from the team, or would like to provide an update following a home visit, please complete the form below so that we can update your records.  These updates will also be shared with Careers Wales to update their records, in line with our Data Sharing Agreement. 


YEPF Contact Data Update


If you have recently got your GCSE or A-Level results and would like to update your information with us or seek further support, then please complete the following link.


GCSE and A-Level Results Destination Survey



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