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Agenda Item No 7

The Vale of Glamorgan Council


Healthy Living and Social Care Scrutiny Committee: 10th July 2018


Report of the Director of Social Services


Revenue and Capital Monitoring for the period 1st April to 31st May 2018


Purpose of the Report

  1. To bring to the attention of this Scrutiny Committee, the position in respect of revenue and capital expenditure for the period 1st April to 31st May 2018 regarding those revenue and capital budgets which form this Committee's remit.


It is recommended that:-

  1. Scrutiny Committee consider the position with regard to the 2018/19 revenue and capital monitoring.
  2. The progress made in delivering the Social Services Budget Programme is noted.

Reasons for the Recommendations

  1. That Members are aware of the position with regard to the 2018/19 revenue and capital monitoring relevant to this Scrutiny Committee.  
  2. That Members are aware of the progress made to date on the Social Services Budget Programme. 


  1. On 28th February 2018, Council approved the Revenue and Capital budgets for 2018/19 (Minute Nos. 746 and 745 respectively).  Reports monitoring expenditure are brought to this Committee on a regular basis.
  2. In setting the Social Services budget for 2018/19, the use of £330k from the Social Services Plan reserve was approved.

Relevant Issues and Options

Social Services Revenue

  1. As it is very early in the financial year, the forecast for Social Services is shown as a balanced budget.  However, there will be considerable pressure on this service in the coming year and this position may not be achieved.
  2. The Revenue Budget shown in the table below includes the allocation of the Reshaping Tranche 3 Establishment Review savings which were held centrally as part of the Final Revenue Budget Proposals 2018/19 report which was approved by Cabinet on 19th February 2018.

Revenue Budget

Probable Outturn


Favourable (+)

 Adverse (-)





Children and Young  People




Adult Services




Resource Mgt & Safeguarding




Leisure Services








  1. Children and Young People Services - The major issue concerning this service for the coming year will be the pressure on the children's placements budget given the complexities of the children currently being supported.  Work continues to ensure that children are placed in the most appropriate and cost effective placements.  However, it should be noted that due to the potential high cost of each placement, the outturn position could fluctuate with a change in the number of looked after children and/or the complexity of need. 
  2. Adult Services - The major issue concerning this service for the coming year will continue to be the pressure on the Community Care Packages budget.  This budget is extremely volatile and is influenced by legislative changes such as the National Living Wage.  At this early stage of the year, the outturn position is difficult to predict.  The service also continues to be affected by the pressures of continued demographic growth, an increase in the cost of service provision and the Community Care Packages budget will have to achieve further savings this year.  The service will strive to manage growing demand and will develop savings initiatives which may be funded via regional grants.  Welsh Government has continued to provide Intermediate Care Fund (ICF) grant to Cardiff and Vale University Health Board to allow collaborative working between Health and Cardiff and the Vale Councils however the level of grant funding is not guaranteed on an ongoing basis.

Leisure Services Revenue

  1. Leisure Services - The Parks element of the revenue budget can no longer be reported separately, as operationally, it is an integrated part of the new Neighbourhood Services.  It is therefore only possible to report the Leisure and Play element under this heading.  As Parks capital schemes are separately identifiable they will continue to be reported to this Committee.

2018/19 Savings Targets

  1. As part of the Final Revenue Budget Proposals for 2018/19, a savings target of £6.298m was set for the Authority.  Attached at Appendix 1 is a statement detailing all savings targets relating to this Committee. 
  2. Appendix 2 provides further detail of the savings within the Social Services Budget Programme.  The Corporate Programme Board and project teams overseeing the plan will continue to monitor and ensure its delivery.  As in previous years, ongoing progress updates will to be reported to Committee as part of the overall financial monitoring report for the Directorate.


  1. Appendix 3 details financial progress on the Capital Programme as at 31st May 2018.
  2. Members should be aware that Appendix 3 includes requests for unspent committed expenditure to be slipped from the 2017/18 Capital Programme into 2018/19 as approved by emergency powers on 12th June 2018.
  3. Flying Start Family Centre - An emergency power was approved on 8th June 2018 to increase the 2018/19 budget by £6.5k, which will be funded by a Welsh Government grant. Whilst undertaking works to the Family Centre roof in 2017/18, it was found that the roof timbers had rotted.  This grant will allow the replacement of the roof timbers to prevent further damage to the building.
  4. Cartref Porthceri External Repairs - This scheme and the £25k budget allocated for 'External Ground works, Youth Offending and Cartref Porthceri buildings' are for drainage renewal.  It has been requested that the budgets are amalgamated and the works can be procured together.
  5. Hen Goleg Day Centre Fire Alarm - Quotations for the renewal of the fire alarm system have been received and are over budget by £3k.  The Hen Goleg works scheme has £9k of uncommitted budget and it has been requested that £3k is vired from that scheme.
  6. Hen Goleg Day Centre Lighting Upgrade - Quotations for the renewal of the emergency lighting have been received and are over budget by £6k.  The Hen Goleg works scheme has £9k of uncommitted budget and it has been requested that £6k is vired from that scheme.
  7. Leisure Centre Improvement - £200k of this budget is allocated to replace the Barry Leisure Centre Hall Floor.  The commencement of the works to the hall floor are being put on hold until completion of the changing room upgrade to prevent damage to the new floor.  The Barry and Penarth upgrade of changing rooms project has been delayed, with a completion now planned for March 2019.  It has been requested that £180k is carried forward into the 2019/20 Capital Programme for the hall floor replacement.
  8. Lougher Place Play Area - An emergency power was approved on 3rd May 2018 to include this £168k scheme into the Capital Programme (£2k in 2017/18 and £166k in 2018/19), to be funded from £126k Welsh Government Rural Development Programme Grant, £38.5k s106 monies and £3.5k contribution from the SAINTs charity in St. Athan.  The scheme proposed seeks to replace the existing play area at Lougher Place in St. Athan with the installation of a new multi-use games area.

Resource Implications (Financial and Employment)

  1. As detailed in the body of the report.  Changes in future service provision may have an impact upon staffing levels and due consideration will be given to the Council's employment policies and procedures.

Sustainability and Climate Change Implications

  1. There are no direct implications arising from this report.

Legal Implications (to Include Human Rights Implications)

  1. There are no legal implications.

Crime and Disorder Implications

  1. There are no crime and disorder implications.

Equal Opportunities Implications (to include Welsh Language issues)

  1. There are no equal opportunity implications.

Corporate/Service Objectives

  1. Effective monitoring assists in the provision of accurate and timely information to officers and Members and, in particular, allows services to better manage their resources.

Policy Framework and Budget

  1. The report is in accordance with the Policy Framework and Budget.

Consultation (including Ward Member Consultation)

  1. The appropriate Chief Officer has been consulted.  This report does not require Ward Member consultation.

Background Papers


Contact Officer

Carolyn Michael

Operational Manager - Accountancy

Officers Consulted

Director of Social Services

Responsible Officer

Lance Carver, Director of Social Services