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Cabinet had previously approved the Income Generation and Commercial Opportunities Strategy in October 2017, which set out a framework for considering existing and new income streams which formed part of the Council’s wider Reshaping Services Programme.


In step with the above arrangements, Cabinet at its meeting held on 30th April, 2018 (Cabinet minute no. C291 refers) considered one of the potential income streams explored by Officers relating to sponsorship and advertising and had now been referred to the Scrutiny Committee for further consideration.


The report set out proposed arrangements to ensure that advertising and sponsorship activity entered into by the Councils was undertaken consistently and in line with agreed processes and procedures as detailed within the draft Advertising and Sponsorship Protocol which was  attached at Appendix A to the report.


In referring to the report and providing explanation of the same the Operational Manager for Performance and Policy referred to the Protocol which comprised the following :


  • A Document Purpose outlining the reasons for the Protocol and what it aimed to achieve.
  • A section explaining how the protocol linked to the Strategic Principles contained in the Income Generation and Commercial Opportunities Strategy.
  • A section providing Definitions of both advertising and sponsorship for the purpose of the Protocol.
  • A Guiding Principles section outlining the general principles that companies will need to follow when undertaking advertisement and sponsorship activities via the Council which included criteria for when the the Council would not be prepared to work with certain organisations/companies.
  • A section providing Procurement Guidance for officers to support the process for decision making and the award of contracts.
  • A Roles and Responsibilities section explaining how the process and Protocol would be managed including      arrangement for reporting to Cabinet on specific opportunities.
  • A section outlining the proposed Monitoring and Review process for the Protocol.


He further indicated at the time of the report being considered by Cabinet the use of the Urgent Decision Procedure had been sought to implement the Cabinet decisions to enable the Protocol to be used to actively promote sponsorship opportunities for the Summer Events Programme.  Delegated authority is also sought for the relevant Head of Service in consultation with the Leader, Managing Director and Section 151 Officer to promote and agree sponsorship and advertising opportunities and award necessary contracts in line with the Advertising and Sponsorship Protocol.  This meant in these circumstances that not all opportunities would automatically be reported back to Cabinet for approval.


The Operational Manager for Policy and Performance also referred to proposals outlined within the report to develop proposals for the sponsorship of other assets, including strategic routes, gateways to the County, pooled cars/fleet, further advertising on the Council’s website and specific locations.


He in liaison with the Managing Director, provided an update in regard to the progress made to date with the Summer Events Programme and associated sponsorship arrangements.


The Committee made the following points in relation to the proposed Protocol which included clarification provided by the Operational Manager for Policy and Performance:


  • The value threshold of any individual sponsorship;
  • Matters relating to favouritism;
  • Clarification and definition required in relation to paragraph 4.3 of the Protocol ”of a political nature”;
  • A flexible approach to the packaging of strategic and non-strategic routes to ensure equity and that local businesses could gain access be considered;
  • That a baseline assessment should be undertaken to compare what was currently being done against activities      proposed in the future;
  • The Committee’s endorsement of the requirement for the protocol to be reviewed annually and preferably,      including the Scrutiny Committee as part of the review process;
  • Matters relating to the income generation targets for sponsorship of associated events.


Separately, discussion also touched upon unlawful highways advertising, advertising on Billboards and bridges. The Operational Manager for Policy and Performance

also briefly referred to a review of sponsorship linked to the Council’s website with the view to improving current income generation.


In regard to the Chairman’s comments relating to a local constituent who had experienced difficulties with advertising their business in the Llandough area, Operational Manager for Policy and Performance gave an assurance that he would look into the matter with a view to taking this forward, potentially as a case study.


Having regard to the above and related issues it was 




(1)       T H A T the Advertising and Sponsorship Protocol be endorsed subject to the Cabinet giving the following matters further consideration:


  • The provision of a definition required in relation to paragraph 4.3 of the Protocol ”of a political nature”;
  • A flexible approach to the packaging of strategic and non-strategic routes be taken.


(2)       T H A T Cabinet be advised that the Scrutiny Committee endorses the requirement for the protocol to be reviewed annually which should include the Scrutiny Committee as part of the review process.


Reasons for recommendations –


(1)       To ensure equity and that local businesses were appropriately considered.


(2)       To allow the Cabinet to consult on the review findings.”