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C229              Vale of Glamorgan Public Services Board Draft Well-being Plan (l) (Scrutiny Committee – Corporate Performance and Resources) -


Cabinet endorsement was sought of the draft Well-being Plan, which had been developed by the Public Services Board and which would be presented to Council for approval in February.


The Well-being of Future Generations (Wales) Act 2015 formally established Public Services Boards (PSBs) in each local authority area in Wales. 'Our Vale' was the Vale PSB and in accordance with the Act had to contribute to the achievement of the national well-being goals as set out in the legislation. The PSB had to do this by: 

  • Assessing the state of economic, social, environmental and cultural well-being in the local area.
  • Setting local objectives that were designed to maximise the PSB's contribution within the area to achieving the national well-being goals.
  • Taking all reasonable steps to meet these objectives i.e. through a Well-being Plan which must be informed by the Well-being Assessment. 

The PSB had to publish its first Well-being Plan by 4 May, 2018.


In May 2017 the Vale Public Services Board published its Well-being Assessment. As part of the consultation on the draft Well-being Assessment views were sought on the four areas of focus which the PSB had identified to provide a framework for the Well-being Plan. The four areas of focus were engagement, the environment, early years and tackling poverty/inequalities and these had been developed into Well-being Objectives for the draft Plan which was attached at Appendix A to the report. Following the consultation on the Assessment and subsequent publication, the PSB started work on the development of the Plan. The PSB had also taken account of feedback from the Future Generations Commissioner on the Well-being Assessment and the approach to developing the Plan. A copy of the Future Generations Commissioner's advice with regards to the development of the plan was attached at Appendix B to the report.


As a result of this work the PSB had drafted a Well-being Plan with four well-being objectives and a number of short term and long term actions. The Plan represented the first steps in achieving the PSB's 2050 vision. The PSB's four Well-being Objectives were: 

  • To enable people to get involved, participate in their local communities and shape local services
  • To reduce poverty and tackle inequalities linked to deprivation
  • To give children the best start in life
  • To protect, enhance and value our environment 

The draft Plan detailed how the Well-being Objectives had been set, proposed actions, how the Plan fitted with other partnership plans and strategies and the outcomes the PSB wanted to achieve. A summary document was attached at Appendix C to the report.


Consultation on the draft plan commenced on 28 September, 2017 and ran for 12 weeks ending on 20 December, 2017. A range of activities and attendance at events took place during the consultation period to assist people and organisations to have their say. Details of the consultation undertaken and feedback received was attached at Appendix D to the report. An Equality Impact Assessment had been undertaken on the process undertaken to develop the assessment of local well-being and the draft Well-being Plan. This was attached at Appendix E to the report.


Following the consultation the feedback had been considered by the PSB and the draft plan had been amended. Overall there was a great deal of support for the Well-being Objectives and content of the plan. In order for the plan to be published in May each of the partners had to take the plan through their respective approval mechanisms. The plan had to therefore be approved by Council prior to publication in early May.


This was a matter for Executive and Council decision


Cabinet, having considered the report and all the issues and implications contained therein




(1)       ................


(2)       T H A T the draft Well-being Plan attached at Appendix A to the report be endorsed and forwarded to Council for approval to enable the Public Services Board to publish the plan by 4 May, 2018 as per the requirements of the Well-being of Future Generations (Wales) Act 2015.


Reasons for decisions


(1)       ................


(2)       To comply with the requirements of the Well-being of Future Generations (Wales) Act 2015.