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Increasing our evidence

In addition to monitoring progress towards delivering the Community Strategy and Delivery Plan 2014-18, a range of mechanisms have been developed in order to continue to improve the range of information and evidence available to the Public Services Board.


  •  Vale of Glamorgan PSB Well-being Assessment


    In line with the Well-being of Future Generations (Wales) Act the Vale PSB has undertaken an assessment of local well-being both across the Vale as a whole and within its communities. The Vale PSB agreed to base the Vale’s assessment around the communities of Barry, the Eastern Vale and the Western Vale. The assessment considers the social, economic, environmental and cultural well-being of the Vale as a whole and within our communities and will be used to inform the PSB's Well-being Plan, to be developed by May 2018.


    The Assessment is a valuable resource which will inform work across the public sector to improve local well-being and to help service providers understand more about what matters to our local communities and the relationship between different services.


    The assessment considers a range of data and information about the Vale drawing on a range of sources including the common data set that was developed by the Local Government Data Unit to assist PSBs in undertaking the exercise.


    In addition to data and information, the assessment draws upon findings from a range of engagement and consultation work undertaken by PSB partners. This includes findings of previous engagement and consultation work in addition to results from our engagement campaign - 'Let's Talk'. This has included a series of surveys, focus groups and workshops and a report of these engagement findings has been published alongside the assessment. The conversation about well-being will be an ongoing exercise and engagement will continue throughout the development of the Well-being Plan.


    The Well-being Assessment and a range of supporting documents are available below. This includes an executive summary, community profiles and a log of the feedback received and changes made following consultation on the draft assessment.


    During the consultation period on the draft assessment, the PSB also consulted on four suggested areas of focus emerging from the assessment - tackling inequalities, giving children a good start in life, improving our engagement and protecting and enhancing our natural environment. A range of exercises have been undertaken since and it has been agreed by the PSB that the Well-being Plan will be focused on these themes. A range of workshops and events will be held to develop more focused actions for the Plan based upon these themes. A brief information pack showing the key findings from the assesment for each theme is also included below.










  •  InfoBase Vale - Interactive Stats and Needs Assessment Reports

    In addition to the Community Strategy core indicators, the delivery plan poverty indicators and the various monitoring arrangements which exist through the partnerships plans and strategies, the InfoBase Vale System provides a wealth of data about the Vale of Glamorgan.

    The system is hosted by the Local Government Data Unit and provides a series of interactive maps, tables and charts. Data can be viewed either by generic theme or by Community Strategy priority outcome. Under each priority outcome a package of performance information can be found including interactive data tools, a needs assessment update report and a number of other useful resources.

    The needs assessment update reports generate the most up to date information available at any given time for a number of the key datasets included in the 2013 unified needs assessment under that priority outcome. The reports can easily be exported from the system in a variety of formats.

    The Business Intelligence Group will work to ensure any new findings emerging from the update reports are reported to the PSB.

  • LGDU Tackling Poverty Report 

    One of the key findings of the 2013 Unified Needs Assessment (more information below) was the inequalities that exist within the Vale of Glamorgan when considering data below local authority level. In response to the findings, the former Local Service Board agreed that the focus of the 2014-18 delivery plan would be on tackling poverty and deprivation.

    In 2015 the Local Government Data Unit (LGDU) was commissioned to to undertake a more in depth analysis of the deprivation than exists within the Vale by considering a range of data at LSOA level. Data used included WIMD 2014, Census 2011, CACI Paycheck data and  DWP data. The findings of the report supports the focused actions contained within the delivery plan.

  • Unified Needs Assessment 
    In 2011 the former Vale LSB produced a unified needs assessment in order to inform the drafting of the Community Strategy 2011-21. In 2013, with the need to develop a new delivery plan for 2014-18, the  Business Intelligence Group was tasked with revising the needs assessment.

    The needs’ assessment was based around the existing ten priority outcomes in the Community Strategy and the work focused on refreshing the data sets contained in the initial needs assessment but to include, where possible the story behind the baseline and data below county level.

    The assessment was structured around an Introduction and Executive Summary followed by priority outcome chapters comprising of the datasets used to assess the position in the Vale.