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Welsh Church Act Fund

The Welsh Church Act Fund is a charitable trust, independent of the Council.


The purpose is to make grants of a philanthropic nature for a wide-range of purposes such as:

  • Education: provision of benefits that are not readily available from other sources.
  • Relief in sickness: assistance where such help is not readily available from other sources.
  • Relief in need: assistance generally where there is need, hardship or distress.
  • Libraries, museums, art galleries, etc: advancing the appreciation of Welsh arts and literature in general.
  • Social and recreational facilities in general.
  • Medical and social research, treatment, etc.
  • Probation: Assistance to people on probation, or their families.
  • Assisting the Blind and Aged.
  • Places of worship and burial grounds: restoration and maintenance.
  • Emergencies or disaster relief.
  • Other charitable purposes, not inconsistent with the above.
  • Protection of historic buildings: promotion of interest in Welsh architecture, history and science in general, for the benefit of Welsh people.

Grants are made each year on a one-off basis.


  •  Are there funding priorities?

    No funding priority is indicated, but due to the level of resources available, applications are not normally accepted from individuals. Applications will be accepted from organisations located within the geographical areas of the Councils of the Vale of Glamorgan and City & County of Cardiff.

  •  What are the maximum / minimum grant levels?
    Whilst no maximum / minimum grant levels are stipulated, awards are usually in the region of £1,500.
  •  What is the timetable for applications?

    Applications are accepted throughout the year and meetings of the trustees convened to consider applications as and when required.




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