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Vale Homes provide services to just over 4,000 council tenants, making the Council the largest landlord in the Vale of Glamorgan.  


Your rental liability is part of your tenancy agreement and must be paid in advance so the council has tried to make the payment of rent as simple and easy as possible. 


If you want to discuss your rent account or are having difficulty in paying your rent it is very important that you contact an Income Assistant immediately.


They will be pleased to offer friendly, constructive and sympathetic advice, help you budget your money effectively and ensure that you are in receipt of all of the Benefits that you are entitled to.




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Vale Homes Garden Competition

The garden competition is open to all Vale Homes tenants. Nominate yourself or a friend.


There will be 3 awards:        

  • Communal gardens         
  • Sheltered accommodation         
  • Single garden 

The closing date for entries is on 1 July 2018 and the winners will be announced on 4 August 2018 at Festivale.


For more information please contact Shayni Payter or Ellie Jones

  • 07813068324 or 07730284144



  • Income Assistant: 01446 709512/513
  • Housing Benefit Officer: 01446 709244

Terraced HousesPay Your Rent

Payments can be made in any of the Council's cash offices.


You can also pay through your bank or building society, by standing order through your bank or building society, at any post office, by credit or debit card or by pay point at any participating venue.


Please see a Guide to Rent Services

Contents Insurance

Offered by the Vale of Glamorgan through Royal & Sun Alliance the scheme allows tenants to insure the contents of their home through weekly payments collected as part of their weekly rental liability.


  • 01446 709512/513

Meet the Team

Ellis Grayson-Davies

Temporary Neighbourhood Assistant

Georgia Thomas

Neighbourhood Manager

Karen Hopkins

Neighbourhood Assistant

Lois Guthrie, Neighbourhood Manager
Lois Guthrie

Neighbourhood Manager

Paul Martin, Neighbourhood Assistant
Paul Martin

Neighbourhood Assistant

Rob Thompson, Senior Neighbourhood Manager
Rob Thompson

Senior Neighbourhood Manager

Sharon Hawkins, Neighbourhood Manager
Sharon Hawkins

Neighbourhood Manager

Stephanie Stoyle, Temporary Neighbourhood Assistant
Stephanie Stoyle

Temporary Neighbourhood Assistant

Right to Buy

The majority of Council House tenants have the right to buy their home at a price lower than the full market value. This is because the length of time you have spent as a tenant entitles you to a discount.


  • 01446 709512/513


If you have bought a flat/maisonette in a property still owned by the council then you will be a leaseholder. This means you have to pay service charges to the council as part of your leasehold agreement.


  • 01446 709512/513

Rent Arrears 

The Council is concerned that some tenants in arrears do not contact housing staff to discuss their problems. If you are have difficulty paying rent then you should contact the Money Advice Service:


  • 01446 709512 /513

Neighbour Nuisance

Most people will try to be good neighbours and don't set out to cause disputes. However, sometimes problems do arise. These may range from annoying nuisance, such as music played too loudly, to serious incidents such as racial or sexual harassment or threats of violence. The Council has developed a detailed leaflet, Solving Neighbour Problems, which provides advice and information on:

  • What you can do yourself to try and sort things out
  • When you should seek help & advice from the Council & what we can do
  • Other organisations that can help you and what they can do


If you are a tenant experiencing neighbour nuisance or anti-social behaviour, please download our leaflet:

Welsh Housing Quality Standard (WHQS)

One of the key aims of the Welsh Government is to ensure that all the people of Wales, including social housing tenants, have the opportunity to live in good quality homes, in safe and secure communities.


To ensure that all homes are brought up to an acceptable level, The Welsh Government has drawn up a document, the Welsh Housing Quality Standard (WHQS).   This is a standard for the quality and condition of properties which lists a number of targets which all homes will need to meet.



Fire Risk Assessments

The Council has up to date fire risk assessments for all flats with communal access, which includes monthly recorded inspections to each block. In light of the tragic events at the Grenfell Tower in London, we are currently reviewing our fire risk assessments. At this early stage in the investigation the full details of the incident are not clear. However, the Council can confirm it has not utilised this type of cladding system.

Although the Council has no high rise blocks, we are mindful of the anxieties of our tenants and residents, and as a result we have prepared and are starting to deliver a programme of reassurance for tenants relating to the Council’s proactive management of fire safety to our stock which will be completed by next week.

Various media sources are now starting to raise questions about the fire resilience of various cladding systems.  We would like to assure our tenants and residents that the systems currently being installed by the Council meet and exceed the regulations for fire safety.

The London property had an aluminium skinned polyurethane panel fitted to a tracked system, which created a void between the insulation panel and the outside wall of the building.  This air gap provided sufficient air to support the fire and acted like a chimney in assisting the spread of fire across the building.

The system used by the Council is a ‘close clad’ installation, which means the fire retardant insulation material is fixed directly onto the brickwork and then covered with a mortar based render, which fully encapsulates the external wall insulation (EWI) system.  In addition, our cladding has fire breaks between floors for any building over two storeys. This is above the requirements of the Insulated Render & Cladding Association’s (INCA) technical guide. 

Finally, to ensure our insulation systems have been installed correctly, all staff fitting the insulation are fully trained and approved by the manufacturers.  They are then inspected by our own staff as well as an independent inspection by third party bodies who specialise in the EWI system.




Our current supplier of insulated render systems has clarified that they complete in-depth fire testing on their EWI systems through the BBA (British Board of Agrément) and the BRE (British Research Establishment), to ensure the systems achieve the highest industry standards and meet current building regulations with regard to fire resistance and spread of flame. 

Watch their product being tested