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Vale Homes Community Investment team has a history of working with their residents on a range of community projects. The teams work has focused on Building Strong Communities with a Bright Future and ranges from helping residents of the Vale: 


  • Increase their employment prospects to help them get jobs or move closer towards the labour market.

  • Improve health and wellbeing, strengthen communities and

  • Promote financial and digital inclusion within communities.


We are keen to build on the work that we have already been doing in our local communities and will keep our tenants informed on how they can get involved in community projects


Since we have started this work, we have achieved a great deal.


healthy mind and body

Our achievements by improving health and wellbeing.

 As part of improving health and wellbeing we have:


  • Launched The Vale Homes Timebanking Project in 2018, promoting health,wellbeing and skills development  
    • Signed up 527 volunteers
    • Awarded 5,387 of time credits
    • Banked 5,387 hours of volunteering time
    • Signed 41 organisations to take part in the time banking scheme
    • 78% of residents in Time banking reported an increase in health, wellbeing and confidence 
  • In partnership with the Council Sports and Play department, Vale Homes offered Couch to 5k programme to residents and 21 residents took part. 
  • In partnership with Oakfield and Colcot Primary schools, launched after school nurture club and supported 34 children to take part. 
  • Launched the Bike club for children between 4 to 16-year olds, and engaged with 493 young people, as well as providing 32 free training sessions. 
  • In partnership with Fitness Force, provided fitness training sessions for 120 residents.




digital skills and learning

Our achievements by promoting Financial and digital wellbeing.

 As part of promoting Financial and digital wellbeing we have:


  • Secured £30k of Welsh Government EDRF funding to install computer suites within all the Vale council sheltered housing schemes.
  • Offered 360 Digital Inclusion training sessions to older residents in the Sheltered Schemes.
  • Offered 270 Digital Inclusion training sessions at the Aberaeron Hub to residents of the Vale.
  • Held 3,870 Financial Inclusion & Money Advice appointments.
  • Helped tenants claim £1,141,492 in Welfare Benefits.



working together to improve the community

Our achievements by strengthening communities.

 As part of strengthening communities we have:


  • In partnership with Safer Vale and the Police Community Safety Officers launched the garden project in Llantwit Major to enhance gardens and community connections. 10 council properties were targeted and 11 volunteers recruited to support the project. 
  • Supported and delivered the Kicks project in partnership with Newydd Housing,Cardiff City Football Foundation, Safer Vale and the Police Community Safety Officers to tackle ASB, offering young people diversionary opportunities.  We supported 3521 young people and offered 123 Sessions were offered. 
  • Conducted 453 housing support needs assessments and provided housing related support to 427 residents. 
  • Launched the Gibby Green Fingers allotment project and 276 volunteers participated. 
  • Provided Pre-Tenancy support to 534 tenants by offering “Tenancy Ready” project to new tenants signing up to properties via Newydd Housing & Partners.  
  • £30K was drawn down as part of the Council house building programme using community benefit clauses. 10 projects will be supported as a result. 
  • In partnership with Keep Wales Tidy, we conducted community litter picks supported by 163 local residents.
  • Supported cleaner local communities by offering skip amnesties and 32 local residents were involved. 




Helping people get back into work

Our achievements as part of our employment and skills initiatives

 As part of our employment and skills development we have:


  • Launched in 2018 the “Opportunity Knocks” employment and skills programme in partnership with Newydd Housing, ValeHomes and Inspire 2 Work.
  • Supported 140 residents through our Vale Employability Road Shows.
  • Supported 60 residents with CVs and Interview skills preparation through our pre employment training programme.
  • Supported 30 residents via our residential employability boot camp.
  • Created 7x6 weeks work placements within with Council Departments.
  • Secured 369 weeks’ worth of training through targeted recruitment and training clauses via our housing development programme.
  • Helped 110 residents gain employment.
  • Helped 961 residents gain accredited vocational qualifications.
  • Helped 7 residents gain apprenticeships.
  • Helped 7 people become self employed.




 This information is also available in pdf form using the link below.


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