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New Volunteering Scheme Launches in the Vale

Cardiff and Vale UHB grant funding from Welsh Government, for the purposes of health improvement has allowed Vale Homes to develop Value in the Vale. Formerly Vale time-banking scheme, the webpage provides Vale residents with opportunities to volunteer for local organisations and in turn rewards them for their time.


In offering volunteer rewards, this has gone some way in addressing the cost-of-living crisis, reducing social isolation and allowing volunteers a warm space to visit during their volunteering roles and whilst redeeming rewards if they chose to do so.


The website was launched in October 2022 which is a one-stop shop for volunteers and partner organisations. It provides details of volunteering opportunities, allows organisations to recruit volunteers and gives volunteers the option to exchange rewards for their time.

Rewards can be anything from a cup of coffee and a slice of cake to a beauty treatment or a parcel of toiletries and all volunteers have the option of ‘gifting forward’ their rewards if they so choose.


The difference between Value in the Vale and the former time banking scheme is that this is a circular economy. All the volunteering opportunities and rewards are with organisations who are based in the Vale of Glamorgan.


The team behind Value in the Vale have also partnered with Vale courses to give volunteers the option to undertake a free accredited training course – an Introduction to Volunteering and along with Digital Buddies, Vale Homes own volunteer group, we are also able to provide more informal digital training at our Hub in Aberaeron Close, Barry.


Based on feedback from existing volunteers we’ve partnered with some fantastic local businesses to provide volunteering opportunities and rewards that are right on our doorstep. This scheme is also open to the public so anyone can get involved.



Gift it Forward

Whilst most volunteers enjoy redeeming their rewards, some like to offer their unused rewards to a central pot to be gifted forward to other organisations where they can make a difference.


The first Gift it Forward Campaign saw residents of Ty Iolo Hostel in Barry receive many gifted rewards from bike rides, meals and drinks. As these rewards were delivered in time for the Easter Holidays, residents were able to plan activities with their children and save some money in using the gifted rewards.

Gift it Forward

Gift It Forward VintheV

Volunteer Accredited Training Certificates

Volunteering Training

An Introduction to Volunteering

Working in partnership with Adult Community Learning we are pleased to be able to offer free accredited training to anyone engaging with Value in the Vale.


For those on a back to work journey, this accredited course provides them with the basics around Customer Service, Safeguarding, Health and Safety and Confidence Building, but many people undertake this training just to refresh their knowledge and skills around these areas. 


Lianne Young

If you would like more information around Value in the Vale please contact:



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