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Vale Homes is keen to ensure that it listens to and works with tenants and leaseholders, providing opportunities to improve and develop the services it provides. 


The process of involving tenants and leaseholders in decision making about the services we offer is called, Tenant Participation.


We believe that engaging and listening to our tenants and leaseholders is key to getting things right, as our tenants/leaseholders are the experts on how our services are being received.


In our view tenants and leaseholders, input should be a central part of how we manage our homes, our leasehold properties and tenancies.  We are keen to provide opportunities for tenants/leaseholders to work with our teams to design and deliver services.


There are a number of definitions of Tenant Participation and Tenant Engagement, a widely used definition is provided by TPAS Cymru, “Tenants Participation is a way for tenants and landlords to share ideas and co-operate. It's a way for the tenant to be involved in the decision-making process that occurs during discussions about improving the standard of housing conditions and service”.


TPAS is the Tenants Participation Advisory Service and details about what they do can be found on their website:



How can you get involved?

There are a range of ways in which you can get involved: 




  • Tenants and Residents Groups
    We have over 60 tenants regularly taking part in discussing local issues on estates and in their communities,  including estate conditions, anti-social behaviour, facilities, parking and getting involved in decision making on the practical changes we can take to address these issues.
  • The Vale Homes Working Group
    Consists of about 15 tenants.  It is an umbrella group of tenants made up from different residents’ groups/individuals who meet and consider strategic issues affecting their housing services e.g. new policies, performance, new services and initiatives.
  • The Quality Design Forum (QDF)
    Consists of 6 tenants who oversee the Welsh Housing Quality Standards guidelines/programme of works and larger works projects which are being undertaken including visits to New Build projects.
  • Sheltered Housing Forum
    Consists of residents from the 5 Vale Home Sheltered Housing Schemes who meet every two months to discuss matters related to Sheltered Housing and other local matters of interest. 
  • Housing and Communities Scrutiny Group
    Consists of 4 tenant members from the Working Group, Senior Housing staff members and Councillors who review performance and consider new project proposals and ideas.
  • FestiVale Staff/Tenant Group
    This group meet regularly to discuss new ideas for the Annual Tenant FestiVale event which is usually held in August.  They assist attendees at the event to complete Satisfaction Surveys, provide ideas on how communities and areas can be improved and ensure that all those who attend have a lovely day out.  This event is free to all tenants and their immediate family and a free snack/drink is provided on site via a voucher system for all.
  • Providing feedback in surveys and questionnaires, 
    Not everyone can spare the time to take part in the different groups available.  But you can still give your views on our current and proposed services by completing questionnaires and surveys whenever you can.



To become involved in any of our tenant participation initiatives or just to find out more, please contact:

Heather Powney

Heather Powney

Senior Tenant Liaison Officer


Mark Ellis

Mark Ellis

Community Investment and Involvement Officer


Shani Payter

Shani Payter

Community Investment and Involvement Officer 



Future Developments

Going forward we will be offering tenants additional opportunities for involvement which include, becoming a Critical Friend by training as a Service Quality Assessor (SQA) and training as Mystery Shoppers.


  • What are Service Quality Assessors (SQAs)


    SQAs will help us to scrutinise the services we deliver in detail, providing constructive challenge on Why and How services are delivered the way they are.


    The type of services the SQA will scrutinise will be determined by the level of complaints we receive from service areas.  The SQA will make recommendations on what needs to change and why covering what is working well and what isn’t. This will be key to enabling Vale Homes staff to provide improved services to our tenants, providing Value for Money and delivered in a Timely Manner.

  • What are mystery shoppers?
    Mystery shoppers will periodically complete “Mystery Shopping” exercises and test out how services are actually being delivered and whether they are delivered to the correct standard and, if not what changes are required.