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Did you know that Vale homes have their own volunteer group which helps residents to get online.


Digital Buddies are a group of volunteers who kindly offer their time to support people in breaking down the challenges they have in getting online.


Sessions are delivered from our Hub building in Aberaeron Close, Barry as well as within some of our independent living sheltered schemes.


Digital at Aberaeron Hub

Digital learning sessions are held at The Hub each Monday Morning and offer support to learners to help them get online. (Advanced booking required). Some sessions have supported learners in creating their own e-mail address and identifying spam e-mails, whilst others have taught people the best way to use Google docs and Teams.


Many learners bring their own digital devices, however, we are able to provide use of iPad, tablets, Chromebooks and desktop computers.

Digital Buddy Volunteers will also deliver lessons to accommodate some specific learner requirements.


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  • Testimonial from a volunteer
    Having an interest in volunteering I attend the class on Monday morning 10.00am until 12.30 pm to brush up on my digital skills. The class is held at Aberaeron Hub and is a small class of less than 10 learners, where people may have some skills or be a complete beginner.  There is a relaxed ambience, a cuppa and a little chat but the group is led by an experienced tutor who ensures everyone is focussed and on target for the tasks that day.


    I have many years of experience with general keyboard skills however the tutor is very fluent in her IT skills and will assist the learners in their ability to navigate their way around their devices whether that is a smart phone, iPad or PC. The tutor takes the apprehension away and allows the group to enjoy seeing what their devices can do.

    Personally, the class has improved my confidence not only with my skills but also by being part of a group with a common interest.

  • Testimonial from a learner 
    My name is Vivien and I am 72 years old. In my earlier life I went to the Holm View leisure centre to gain my European driving licence for computing. After retiring I became bored and joined the Gibbonsdown residents’ board. From there I was introduced to the working group, which has truly given me a new lease of life. I had to learn all of the new computing skills I would need. I joined the Gibbonsdown Hub in Aberaeron Close, where I have met some really wonderful people that have made my world a very much better place to be. Recently I acquired my certificate for Staying Safe Online, Zoom, Introduction to Google Docs, and lastly Introduction to Volunteering (Accredited by Palmerston Adult Community Learning). I have been helping with things like the gas review - finding out how you have found the servicing of your central heating. I have found that no matter how much you learn there is always so much more as time changes everything.


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Digital within our Sheltered Schemes

Digital Buddies also support residents within our independent living sheltered schemes for residents who are aged 55+. These sessions are pitched around resident needs and requirements.


They also deliver fun digital activities during coffee afternoons, from asking a smart speaker, such as an Alexa to give the answer to quiz questions, to using trail cams to discover the wildlife that resides in their gardens.


Residents are always keen to engage and embrace the various types of technology that are becoming more readily available.


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Lianne Young

To book on one of our training sessions at Aberaeron Hub on a Monday please call:

  • 07523 427355

Or, if you would be interested in becoming a Digital Buddy and volunteering your time to support others around their digital needs, please contact:


Through Value in the Vale, our volunteers can earn rewards for their time:

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