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Harbour Authority - Policy



Old Barry Harbour is not a Harbour that takes boats in for refuge or otherwise.

For boats or vessels in distress, they should contact 999 and request the Coastguard who will advise them and offer assistance.

Boats and vessels can also contact the Coastguard on Channel 16.


About Barry Harbour

The Vale of Glamorgan Council is the owner and in control of the land known as the “Old Harbour” which is situated within Barry. The Directorate of Environment and Housing are the department responsible for and in control of the Old Harbour in Barry on behalf of the Vale of Glamorgan Council.


Harbour Policy

The Council does not permit for any vessel to enter the Harbour without the Council’s written permission. Any unauthorised stay will result in legal action being taken.


Harbour Enquiries 

If any information regarding the Old Harbour is requested, then such enquiries should be made via the following e-mail address:



Enquires should include as much information as possible and also include the following contact information. 


  • Name of the person enquiring

  • Their home address

  • A reply email address


Please note if you decide not to provide the above information, the enquiry may be delayed or not responded to.


Harbour Mooring

Please be advised that, old Barry harbour does not have any moorings located in the harbour. For boat or vessel moorings, the below options are available.

These harbours are not endorsed by the Council, access permission will be needed for each and each harbour policies and rules will apply.


Bristol Harbour 


Cardiff Harbour 


Cardiff Yacht Club


Milford Haven Marina

  • 01646 696 312 


Pembroke Port


Swansea Marina


Please be advised that it is not permitted for any vessel, to enter old Barry harbour without the Council’s written permission. Any unauthorised stay will result in legal action being taken.


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