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Hedgerows and wildlife leafletHedgerows

Hedgerows not only act as a boundary but also provide an important food resource and habitat for wildlife.


Flowers and berries provide food for all sorts of animals and birds, and the dense structure provides shelter, nesting and hibernation sites for birds, small mammals, reptiles and invertebrates.


Many wildlife habitats across the UK have undergone massive declines in the last fifty years and in the light of such losses, hedgerows have become even more important as havens for wildlife.


Sadly, between the mid-eighties and nineties, over a quarter of Welsh hedgerows were lost, making the remainder all the more vital for wildlife.


A leaflet is now available to land managers, other individuals and organisations on hedgerow management for biodiversity. 


The leaflet explains the best ways to manage a hedgerow for wildlife, outlining some simple actions that can make a drastic difference to the number of species it can support.