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Biodiversity simply means the variety of life. It includes all living things from the smallest flea to the biggest tree.


You will see biodiversity everywhere in the Vale: in town gardens and window boxes, woods, roadsides, open countryside, rivers and coast.


The Vale supports a rich and varied wildlife: hedgerows, woodlands, river valleys and coast shape our landscape and provide food and habitat for mammals and birds.


Wild flowers and butterflies are a common sight on roadsides and meadows, brown hares and skylark inhabit our farmland; otters live, unseen, on our water courses, and newts and other amphibians breed, unnoticed, in our ponds.



Local Biodiversity Action Plan (LBAP)

The LBAP recognises the diversity of plants and animals and their habitats identifying them as local priorities. 


It is run by the Vale’s Biodiversity Partnership.


Local Biodiversity Action Plan


How You Can Help

There are a number of ways in which we can help conserve biodiversity in the Vale and everyone can take part. Even simple changes can make a difference:

  • At Home
  • In the Garden
  • In Work


Two HaresWildlife Recorders

Help us to build up a picture of the flora and fauna of the Vale by submitting sightings to the South East Wales Biodiversity Records Centre (SEWBReC), by contacting conservation groups or our Ecology Team.


South East Wales Biodiversity Records Centre



Wildlife Crime

The Vale of Glamorgan Council is a member of the Partnership for Action Against Wildlife Crime (PAW). 

PAW brings together lots of organisations with an interest in wildlife law enforcement.


Wildlife Crime

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