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Cwm Col-huw


Popular with families and surfers alike, Cwm Col-huw beach is packed with all the facilities you need for a family day out as well as being full of great features typical of the Glamorgan Heritage Coast such as rock-pools, a sandy beach and rugged cliffs. 


Cwm Col-huw is home to a number of rare and beautiful species, including the Small Blue Butterfly, Britains smallest resident butterfly with a wingspan from as little as 16mm. Overhead you may be lucky to see a number of rare and important birds too such as the Linnet, Whitethroat and Bullfinch. Many more wildlife can be spotted at the Cwm Col-huw Nature Reserve which runs along the cliff tops to the west and back towards the town. 


The nearby town of Llantwit Major is arguably one of the most important towns in the world! Home to St Illtud’s church, whose namesake set up a monastery and college here in 500AD, the college grew into one of the most important centres for learning in the world and during its peak attracted over 1000 students, including St David of Wales and St Patrick of Ireland. It is also said that St Illtud was a skilled warrior before becoming a monk, and fought alongside the legendary King Arthur! 


Cwm Col-huw


Heritage and Wildlife

Many years ago, Irish and Viking raiders would come ashore here to attack the town and steal the valuables.


The town’s people soon grew tired of this and fought back defeating a band of raiders by luring them in with dancing girls and wine and then attacking them!


The day of the victory was celebrated for many years after on 3 May and was known as Anwyl Day (Annual Day).



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