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Fossils and Geology

Travel 350 million years in the past to the Carboniferous, Triassic and Jurassic periods. Discover remnants of a bygone era.


The cliffs and beaches along the Glamorgan Heritage Coast are packed with secrets of the past. Walk through antiquity along the coast uncovering Earth’s history from the limestone formed in the Carboniferous Period (350 million years ago) to the Blue Lias of the Liassic period (180 million years ago).  


The Bristol Channel has one of the biggest tides in the world and it is easy to get cut off. Check tide times before visiting the beach.

You can pick up a free Geology leaflet from the Heritage Coast Centre or purchase a guide book on local Geology and the fossils you can find in the area:

  • Glamorgan Heritage Coast: A guide to its Geology - £1.50
  • Coastal processes and Landforms - £2.50


Geology walks for groups can also be booked through the Ranger Service. 


Please Beware: Cliffs on the Heritage Coast can be prone to rock falls. Please exercise caution and keep well away from the base of the cliffs.