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Access to Barry Library after normal week day opening hours

If you find normal library opening hours don’t meet your needs, there’s a great new solution made possible by self-service technology. Barry Library is now open until 9pm on all weekdays using our Open+ system. This enables you to access the library with your own library card and pin number. You can borrow books using the self-issue kiosks, use the internet PCs, find quiet space to study, or even book a room for a group meeting. The only difference is that there will be no staff around to assist you during these additional opening hours.


To use the service you must be a library member aged 18 or over and you’ll need to preregister.  Give it a go, we think you’ll like it.


To find out more, please ask staff at the library (during normal opening hours) and take a look at our frequently asked questions.





Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is Open+?

    Open+ is the system in use at Barry Library to give access to the library and its facilities after normal week-day closing hours. Open+ operates from 19:35 – 21:00 on Mondays and from 5:35 – 21:00 on Tuesdays to Fridays. During these hours the library will be unstaffed. 
  • Who can apply for Open+ access?

    Current or new library members aged 18 or over should speak to staff at Barry who will help. You must provide a valid library card, photo ID and proof of address when applying for Open+. Suitable ID may include a Driving Licence or passport and household bill. 
  • Can children and young people use the library in Open+ hours?

    Children and young people under the age of 18 will only be able to enter the library if accompanied by a parent or legal guardian who is a registered member of Open+. The parent or guardian should let staff know they may bring their children when making their own application for Open+ membership. 
  • How do I get into the building when staff aren’t there?

    Once you’ve registered, you will gain entry to the library by scanning your library card and entering your pin number at the main entrance.   
  • Can I let others in with me?

    No. Everyone who enters must register to use the system and have their own card. Also special rules apply to evening groups, see below. 
  • How do I get out?

     Just walk out of the main doors, there is no need to enter your card or pin details again.
  • What can I do during Open+ hours if there are no staff?
    • Browse the stock, read, study and find information.
    • Issue, return and renew books and DVDs using the self-service kiosks.
    • Use the Internet on library PCs.
    • Make use of the library Wi-Fi on your own devises.
    • Place and collect holds.
    • Pay charges and fines using the self-service kiosks.
  • Is it safe?

    There are CCTV cameras throughout the building for your peace of mind. You may pick up a phone and dial 999 if there is an emergency. We will discuss some basic procedures at an induction when you register for Open+ membership and we will also inform you that use of the library outside staffed hours is strictly at your own risk.  
  • Why doesn’t my pin number work to let me in?

    Your current pin will not work until you register for Open+ and attend a brief induction to the system.  It may not work if you have outstanding fines and charges which automatically block your access. We also reserve the right to block your pin number if you fail to follow our terms and conditions.  Please talk to staff during normal working hours if you have any problems with your pin.
  • What are the Open+ terms and conditions?

    Rules – we can’t live without them can we! To make the Open+ environment good for everyone we apply the following conditions to the service at Barry:
    • You must only use your own card and pin number to access the library during Open+ hours.
    • You must keep your pin number secure and not share it with anyone.
    • You must not let anyone else use your card to access the building.
    • When entering the library, you must not let anyone else enter at the same time – keeping the library secure is important and you could be held responsible for any damage they do.
    • As a parent or legal guardian you can bring your children under the age of 18 into the library on your Open+  card however you must accompany them at all times while they are in the building.
    • As a parent or legal guardian you must indicate your intention to bring in any children under the age of 18 at the time of making your Open+ application. You must then only bring in the children or young people listed on your membership. The child or young person must also be a member of the library and should use their own card to borrow items during Open+ hours.
    • You must leave the building before the Open+ service shuts down and take all your belongings with you.
    • You must be considerate for other people using the Open+ service at the same time as you, respect their right to the quiet use of the library and not act in any way which may cause a nuisance or disturbance to them.
    • You must use all services and equipment responsibly. You are required to respect the regulations around the use of library resources and property and assist in their protection.
    • You must not remove any reference material, newspapers, equipment or furniture from the library. Only books and other items issued to you by the self-service kiosks may be removed from the library.
    • No dogs, other than assistance dogs, can be brought into the library.
    • You must not smoke, bring in or drink alcohol, illegal substances, electronic cigarettes or anything that could be deemed a weapon. You must act at all time in accordance with the library byelaws.
  • What about group use and room booking?

    Groups may book use of a room during Open+ hours. Anyone booking a room needs to be a group leader with Open+ membership. Group leaders will take responsibility for the group and will be able to let members of the group in during the evening. Please talk to staff about booking a room at least 24 hours in advance, and agree a time to have an induction into use of a room.  
  • What about questions and comments?

    If you have any comments or questions please talk to staff at Barry during normal opening hours. You may also send us an email to