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Active Young People Programme

The Active Young People programme is delivered by the Healthy Living Team (Sport and Physical Activity), encompassing the 5x60 Scheme.


The Active Young People Programme aims to increase the number of children and young people involved in sport and physical activity. Health guidelines recommend children and young people (5-19 years) should engage in moderate-to-vigorous intensity physical activity for an average of at least 60 minutes per day across the week. This can include all forms of activity such as physical education, active travel (e.g. walking, cycling, scooting), after-school activities, play and sports.


We work with a range of partners to ensure there is a variety of appropriate and enjoyable sport and physical activity opportunities available across the Vale of Glamorgan for children and young people, both within extra-curricular and community settings through the Active Young people programme.    


We use data and research including the school sport survey results to make sure we are targeting our limited resources where they are most needed.



Work in Schools

We work with schools across the Vale of Glamorgan. 


  • Pre-schools

    Working in partnership with Healthy and Sustainable pre-schools and other organisations to develop skills and confidence to promote lifelong involvement in physical activity.


     To find out more contact: 


  • Primary Schools  
    Opportunities for leadership training for primary age children though projects such as Playmakers and Young Ambassadors.  Playmakers supports primary pupils in years 5/6 to give pupils the skills and knowledge to be able to assist in leading games and physical activities at break / lunch-times in schools. The course is delivered over a school day and used to encourage younger pupils to be more active. It can also be used to target specific pupils who would benefit from participating in activity.


    A Bronze Young Ambassador is a year 6 pupil who shows signs of excellent leadership skills with an interest in promoting sport and physical activity to other pupils in the school. Bronze Young Ambassadors selected will become leaders with a passion for pupil voice. 

    Support development of new extra-curricular projects to increase physical activity / sports opportunities through Active Young people Funding stream.  


    Organise/facilitate courses for teachers, LSAs and parent volunteers etc to support them in delivering activities within the extra-curricular programme.


    To find out more contact the relevant Cluster Healthy Living Officer.

  • Secondary Schools 
    We work with secondary schools and pupils to encourage young people to become more active, more often.  This may be through external organisations / local sports clubs delivering sessions or leadership training such as Young Ambassadors, Sports Leadership training and Coaches of the Future to encourage more peer led activity.


     To find out more contact the relevant Cluster Healthy Living Officer.


Contact Us

Each Officer within the Healthy Living Team is responsible for a specified area of the Vale, which encompasses the primary schools, secondary schools, clubs and organisations within that area:


Barry and Wenvoe cluster - Angela Stevens


Eastern Vale  - Penarth, Sully, Dinas, Llandough - Gareth East


Western Vale – Llantwit Major, Rhoose and St Athan - Lucy Mitchell


Western Vale – Cowbridge and outlying areas - Ben Davies-Thompson


Senior Healthy Living Officer - Rachel Shepherd


Principal Healthy Living Officer - Karen Davies