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Activity Resources

Activity cards and resources to download for free to help keep you and your family healthy, active and having fun. Why not give them a try?


Little Rockets 

The Little Rockets resource is designed to provide information for childcare settings and families around the importance and benefits of physical activity, as well as ideas for activities.


The activities focus on development of fundamental skills such as balance, co-ordination, movement etc noting that many skills are developed through play. 


Little Rockets Challenge Cards

The challenge cards provide an achievement type certificate that children can colour once they have been practising or mastered a skill.


Vale on the Move Active at Home Family Resource Pack

This pack is designed to provide information to families around why physical activity is so important throughout childhood and into adulthood, and provides links to lots of virtual activities to accompany some activity ideas in the booklet. 


Reggie Goes to the Moon Physical Literacy Storybooks

Storybooks that incorporate physical literacy activities to support children from specific disability groups to develop their fundamental skills such as movement, balance, co-ordination. Please click the links below to access the books.


Healthy, Active and at Home Activity Cards

These activity cards provide no cost / low cost ideas for children and families to undertake activities within or near their home.


Wellbeing Walks 

We have compiled a number of walk ideas to keep you and your family healthy, active and having fun. Why not give them a try!


Wellbeing Walks

Early Years Resource and Learn 2 Ride Activity Booklet

Useful resources by Early Years Wales for movement ideas and British Cycling for skills to practice to learn to ride a bike. Although it is important to note that activities are guided by the stage of child rather than age they are generally most appropriate for under 8’s.


Make Your Move

Physical activity should be for everyone and anyone. At Make Your Move, we believe that whatever shape, size, age or ability, you can move in a way that works for you.  For further information please visit Make Your Move where you can meet their Champions, download strategies and resources and find new activities.  Or you can contact our lead on the project Ben Davies-Thompson.