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Strategies and Plans

Housing strategies and plans including the Local Housing Strategy, Empty Homes Strategy and Tenant and Resident Engagement Strategy


Older Persons' Housing Strategy 2022-2036

This Strategy and the proposed recommendations are designed to respond to the current and future needs of the older adult population.


The Strategy also supports the aims of the Council’s Corporate Plan and several other important Strategic documents, including the Local Housing Strategy, the Commissioning Strategy for Older Persons Services, and the Housing Support Grant Commissioning Plan.


Local Housing Strategy 2021-26

The Local Housing Strategy sets out how we will address housing issues and demand in the Vale of Glamorgan over the next 5 years. We considered the views of key partners and residents when developing our strategy to help make sure we address the issues that matter most.


Empty Homes Strategy 2012-17

Empty homes represent a wasted resource; the Vale of Glamorgan has a significant need for additional housing and yet there are empty homes across the county that could be brought back into use.


The aims of the draft Empty Homes Strategy are to: monitor empty homes, provide advice, assistance, and guidance to landlords and property owners; reduce the negative effect of empty homes on our communities; reduce the number of empty homes, return empty homes to use and promote the empty homes initiative.


Tenant and Resident Engagement Strategy 2018

The Council is a registered social landlord; managing a housing stock of 3949 properties and providing housing and housing-related services to the residents of the Vale of Glamorgan.


The Welsh Governments National Tenant Participation Strategy (NTPS) 2007 required all social and local authority landlords to develop Local Tenant Participation Strategies (LTPs). This is the Vale of Glamorgan Councils third Tenant Engagement Strategy, which sets out how the Council will build upon and improve existing tenant engagement practices.


Rural Affordable Housing Need Survey Report 2010

This is a detailed analysis of housing need in the rural communities in the Vale of Glamorgan.


We follow Welsh Government housing and planning guidelines and intend that this study will provide evidence to support the building of affordable homes in appropriate rural locations.


Supporting People Local Commissioning Plan

The Supporting People Team publish a Local Commissioning Plan (LCP), annually.


The LCP outlines the need for housing related support funded by the Supporting People Programme Grant (SPPG) in the Vale of Glamorgan. We believe that top-quality housing related support services are the key to independent living across the continuum of care needs, helping those who are most vulnerable to find their place in the Vale of Glamorgan's community.


Local Housing Market Assessment

As part of its forward planning process the Council has produced this new assessment of the state of the housing market in the Vale of Glamorgan. 


This substantial piece of work ensures that the Council meets its legal obligations under the Housing Act 1985.