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Resident Parking Schemes

Resident parking schemes can be introduced in streets where parking levels are high to provide assistance to residents and their visitors to park within a reasonable distance to their home.


General Information and Criteria

Resident parking schemes are provided in streets where the majority of residents have no alternative but to park their vehicles on the street and where the street is subject to heavy parking by non‐residents such as shoppers, commuters or visitors to public facilities. 

The Council will normally consider standard resident parking schemes according to the operational criteria below or as detailed in the Resident Parking Controls Policy.


  • Requests for resident parking schemes will be assessed on the basis of parking conditions throughout a typical week.

  • After receipt of an application for a resident parking scheme, the average parking level observed must reach or exceed 75% of parking saturation. 

  • Depending on specific circumstances and locations, surveys will be undertaken as considered necessary to evaluate the parking availability. 

  • If the 75% parking saturation is reached, there will be a need to undertake a consultation with local residents and ward Councillors to find out if there is general support for the introduction of a scheme.

  • If there is sufficient support then a detailed scheme will be designed for further consultation.



If the above criteria is met formal consultation will then be undertaken in accordance with the appropriate legislation including the ‘Road Traffic Regulation Act 1984’ and ‘The Local Authorities' Traffic Orders (Procedure) (England and Wales) Regulations 1996’ and, if appropriate, the scheme introduced. 


Should you wish your street to be considered for a resident parking scheme please contact: 



Or alternatively post your request to:


Vale of Glamorgan Council
Operational Manager Engineering

The Alps Depot

Quarry Road