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Containers on the Highway

Containers may only be placed on the highway legally once permission has been granted.


Permission conditions

If you think you can meet these conditions and need to place a container on the highway, please get in touch to apply:

  1. the cost for a container on the highway is £117.10 per four week period 
  2. all containers must be placed on timber bearers to avoid damage to the carriageway surface 
  3. the bearers must also allow for free flow of surface water
  4. maximum carriageway width of 3.25 metres is to be maintained at all times
  5. signing, lighting and guarding of the container must be in accordance with the, “Safety of street works and road works” Code of Practice (HMSU)
  6. any damage to the highway must be made good


Apply to Place Container on Highway

To apply for permission to place a container on a highway please contact 01446 700111