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Japanese-KnotweedJapanese Knotweed

The Wildlife and Countryside Act (1981) states that, 'it is an offence to plant or otherwise cause the plant to grow in the wild' 


The Environmental Protection Act (1990) classes Japanese knotweed as 'controlled waste' and consequently should be disposed of at a licensed landfill site under the EPA (Duty of Care) Regulations (1991).


Early identification and treatment of Japanese knotweed will save money and time in the long term as the plant is only beginning to establish and will be less vigorous compared with when it is established.



Japanese Knotweed on Private Land

Neither we nor Natural Resources Wales are obliged to control Japanese knotweed on behalf of other landowners.  It is the landowner's responsibility to control Japanese knotweed on their land if it is affecting neighbouring land.


The persistence of Japanese knotweed rhizomes makes the plant hard to eradicate; you will need to treat Japanese knotweed for a number of years, even though you may think you have killed it after the first treatment


Whichever management approach is decided upon, regular monitoring of the area should be undertaken to ensure the knotweed is not spreading elsewhere or contaminating watercourses.


Please Note: Mowing and flailing Japanese knotweed will cause it to spread. Do not compost or chip Japanese knotweed

Disposing of Japanese Knotweed

Your nearest waste disposal site licensed to accept Japanese knotweed is in Merthyr Tydfil.

  • You will need to give a minimum of 24 hours notice to arrange disposal
  • There is a minimum charge of 3 tonnes - plus a proportion of the landfill tax depending on weight applies
  • Trailers are to be covered during transit with small quantities to be securely bagged up and not be loose
  • Drivers are to ensure the vehicle is empty and clean before leaving the site


Biffa Waste Services,

Trecatti Landfill Site,


Nr Dowlais,

Merthyr Tydfil,

CF48 4AB


  • 01685 721882



Japanese Knotweed near a Watercourse

When Japanese Knotweed is growing near a watercourse or river contact Natural Resources Wales:


  • 0300 0653000 

Japanese Knotweed on Council Land

If Japanese knotweed is growing on Vale of Glamorgan Council land, please report it to C1V:



For more information and guidance about Japanese Knotweed and how to prevent the spread of invasive, non-native plants please visit the GOV.UK website.