Planning Committee

The Planning Committee consists of 17 councillors, who deal with applications for planning permission in the Vale of Glamorgan


The Committee meets every month, other than August, at the Civic Offices in Barry. Meetings usually start at 4.00pm.


The public are entitled to attend meetings of the Planning Committee to hear proceedings. Representation can be made in writing or directly to any Councillor before the meeting, but there is also a provision for public speaking at the meeting.  


Committee Reports and Associated Documents

Where an application is to be considered by the Planning Committee, a written report is produced which is available for inspection by the public (unless it is confidential). The Committee reports are made available four working days before the date of the meeting. Late representations may be received after the report is written.



29/09/2021 Report 29.09.2021 / Matters Arising 29.09.21
01/09/2021 Report 01.09.2021 / Matters Arising 01.09.21
21/07/2021 Report 21.07.2021 / Matters Arising 21.07.2021
14/07/2021 Report 14.07.2021 / Matters Arising 14.07.2021 / Presentation 1 (Summary of main report) / Presentation 2 (Access and Transportation)
24/06/2021 Report 24.06.2021 / Chairman's Urgent Report 24.06.2021 / Matters Arising 24.06.2021
26/05/2021 Report 26.05.2021 / Matters Arising 26.05.2021
28/04/2021 Report 28.04.2021 / Matters Arising 28.04.21
24/03/2021 Report 24.03.2021 / Matters Arising 24.03.2021 / Plans 24.03.2021
24/02/2021 Report 24.02.2021 / Matters Arising 24.02.2021
21/01/2021 Report 21.01.2021 / Matters Arising 21.01.2021 / Plans Redacted 21.01.2021
16/12/2020 Report 16.12.2020 / Matters Arising 16.12.2020 / Plans 16.12.2020 / Delegated Reports for information only 16.12.2020
25/11/2020 Report 25.11.2020 / Matters Arising 25.11.2020 / Plans 25.11.2020 / Delegated Reports for information only 25.11.2020
04/11/2020 Report 04.11.2020 / Matters Arising 04.11.2020 / Delegated Reports for information only 04.11.2020
30/09/2020 Report 30.09.2020 / Matters Arising 30.09.2020 / Delegated Reports for information only 30.09.2020
02/09/2020 Report 02.09.2020 / Matters Arising 02.09.2020 / Delegated Reports for information only 02.09.2020
15/07/2020 Report 15.07.2020 / Matters Arising 15.07.2020 / Delegated Reports for information only 15.07.2020


Please note: The webcasting page is only live during committee meetings.


Planning Committee Webcasting

  • Privacy Notice

    Meetings of the Planning Committee are webcast. 



    Please note that certain meetings of the Vale of Glamorgan Council will be webcast, you will be informed verbally if the meeting you are at will be. If it is then this means that you are being recorded both visually and in sound and that is made available on the internet.


    This is done for the purposes of supporting and promoting democratic engagement and public interest. We will retain the data for 6 years and then offer it to the archivist at the Glamorgan Records Office for permanent retention.


    You have the right to apply to access, rectify, restrict, object or erase this data.


    The Information Regulator is the Information Commissioner who can be contacted /.


    The Data Protection Officer for the Council can be contacted at


Register to Speak

When the Planning Committee considers an application for new development, there is a provision for public speaking at that Committee meeting.


Register to Speak at Planning Committee


Commenting on Planning Applications

When comments are submitted in relation to planning applications that are being reported to Planning Committee, outside of the statutory consultation period of 21 days, it should be noted that those comments may be received too late to be included within the formal committee report. This is because reports are usually prepared some two weeks before the actual Planning Committee Meeting.


In order to ensure that members of the public and other organisations/bodies with an interest in a particular application are not placed at a disadvantage, the Authority will accept and report observations received up until 12.00pm on the day before Committee. These comments are circulated in the form of a late report to Committee members on the evening before Committee by Email and are presented in hard copy form at the actual meeting.


Archived committee reports are available for inspection at the Scrutiny and Committee Services Section at the Civic Offices, Holton Road, Barry.