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Overview and Timescale

The Replacement Local Development Plan (RLDP) will help shape the Vale of Glamorgan for the next 15 years (from 2021 to 2036). It will help us decide what developments will and will not be permitted at different locations, and highlight areas that we need to protect.



Stage 1: Delivery Agreement - Complete


Stage 1: Delivery Agreement
Step in processPurpose
Prepare Draft Delivery Agreement
To set out the timetable for the preparation of the RLDP and the process and methods of community engagement
Draft Delivery Agreement consultation
To inform stakeholders that the Council is preparing a RLDP and to seek community engagement. To seek the views of stakeholders on the content of the draft Delivery Agreement
Submission of amended Delivery Agreement to Welsh Government for approval To seek formal agreement from the WG of the Delivery Agreement following consultation, consideration of comments received and approval by Council
Publication of approved Delivery Agreement To inform stakeholders of the agreed Delivery Agreement timetable and CIS
Publication of approved revised Delivery Agreement To inform stakeholders of the revised Delivery Agreement timetable and CIS


Stage 2: Pre-Deposit Preparation and Participation - In Progress


Stage 2: Pre-Deposit Preparation and Participation
Step in processPurpose
Review and update existing LDP evidence base To inform the RLDP strategy and policy framework. Any relevant updated or new evidence will be made available for comment at the appropriate RLDP stage
Call for Candidate Sites To establish land availability, by identifying areas which landowners are seeking to develop. Identify potential development sites and inform the RLDP Strategy
Prepare Integrated Sustainability Appraisal (ISA) Scoping Report To set the context, establish the baseline and decide on the ISA scope and objectives Includes the review of relevant plans, programmes and policies
Consultation on ISA Scoping Report To enable the Environmental Consultation Bodies and Other interested stakeholders to comment on the scoping report
Identification / assessment of vision, issues and objectives To develop and agree a clear vision and objectives for the RLDP
Identification / assessment of alternative strategies and growth options To develop consensus on options including growth levels and spatial distribution to inform development of the Preferred Strategy
Preparation of Preferred Strategy, Initial ISA Report / Habitats Regulation Assessment (HRA) Report Appraise alternative options and assess effects
Consultation on Preferred Strategy, Initial ISA Report / HRA To provide an opportunity for stakeholders and interested parties to contribute to the preparation of the preferred strategy, the initial ISA (SEA) Report and HRA Screening Report and suggest modifications
Analyse consultation responses and prepare Initial Consultation Report To consider whether any changes are needed to the Preferred Strategy
Political reporting – Council to approve Preferred Strategy To obtain member endorsement of the Preferred Strategy
Request for further information in relation to candidate sites which accord with strategy (where information was previously not submitted) To enable prospective sites to be fully considered


Stage 3: Deposit - February - March 2025


Stage 3: Deposit
Step in processPurpose
Preparation of Deposit Plan / update ISA Report and HRA Prepare Deposit RLDP and associated ISA/ HRA documents for statutory consultation
Political Reporting – Council to endorse the Deposit Plan / ISA / HRA for public consultation To obtain member approval of Deposit RLDP / ISA / HRA for public consultation purposes
Consultation on Deposit Plan / ISA Report / HRA and other relevant supporting documents To enable all stakeholders and interested parties to make representations on the Council’s RLDP and supporting documents
Analyse consultation responses and update consultation report To consider the representations received to the Deposit RLDP


Stage 4: Submission - November 2025


Stage 4: Submission
Step in processPurpose
Political Reporting – Council to approve submission to Welsh Government To advise members of the content and outcome of the Deposit RLDP consultation
Submission of RLDP and associated documents to Welsh Government and Planning Inspectorate for examination To submit the RLDP and associated documents to Welsh Government and the PINS for independent examination


Stage 5: Independent Examination - December 2025 - February 2026


Stage 5: Independent Examination
Step in processPurpose
Notification of Independent Examination in line with Regulation 23 To ensure that stakeholders are advised that an Independent Examination into the RLDP will be taking place
Pre- hearing meeting To allow the Inspector appointed by the WG to advise interested parties on the examination procedures and format
Consideration of the soundness of the Plan and all representations made to the Plan by the independent Planning Inspector appointed to consider the evidence To provide an impartial planning view on the soundness of the Plan and the representations made in respect of it
Inspector’s Reporting Inspector to consider evidence presented at Examination and in formal written submissions


Stage 6: Inspectors Report - March - July 2026


Stage 6: Inspectors Report
Step in processPurpose
Receipt of the Inspectors Report To receive the Inspector’s Report in respect of the examination into the RLDP. The report will detail changes recommended by the Inspector and such changes are binding on the local authority
Publication of the Inspector’s Report To inform all stakeholders and interested parties of the adoption of the Plan


Stage 7: Adoption - August - September 2026


Stage 7: Adoption
Step in process Purpose
Formal adoption of the RLDP as the Development Plan for the Council To inform all stakeholders and interested parties of the adoption of the Plan
Publication of the Adopted RLDP, Adoption Statement, Final ISA Report To make the Inspector’s Report publicly available