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ALN Contacts

The ALN (Wales) Act has identified key roles whose job it will be to support the coordination and implementation of the ALN system. Below is a short summary of those key roles and their responsibilities.


Additional Learning Needs Coordinator (ALNCo)

This role is similar to the special needs coordinator (SENCo) role. The ALNCo is the lead coordinator for learners with additional needs. They work in maintained schools, nurseries, colleges and pupil referral units (PRU).


The ALNCo makes sure that the needs of all learners with ALN within the education setting are met.


Your school can provide contact details for your ALNCo.


Designated Educational Clinical Lead Officer

The new law requires all health boards to have a designated education clinical lead officer (DECLO). The clinical lead officer will have responsibility for co-ordinating the health board’s role in relation to children and young people with ALN.


The DECLO role will also help health and education authorities work together more effectively; where appropriate contributing to IDP’s and additional learning needs provision (ALP).


Early Years Additional Learning Needs Lead Officer (EYALNLO)

The role of the Early Years ALNLO is to work with parents, early years settings, health professionals and others who may be working with children below compulsory school age, to raise awareness of the ALN system and to promote early intervention.


The EYALNLO has responsibility for co-ordinating the local authority’s role in relation to children under compulsory school age who are not attending maintained schools.


Contacting the ALN team

For ALN enquiries, please contact: 

  • 01446 709180
  • By post

    ALN Complex Needs Team

    Vale of Glamorgan Council

    Civic Office

    Holton Road


    CF63 4RU