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Please note: The information on this page is now out of date and this proposal is not being taken forward.


Amalgamating Y Bont Faen Primary School and Cowbridge Comprehensive School

Consultation on the proposal to establish a new 2006 place 3 - 19 all through school, with 96 part-time nursery places, from September 2022 through amalgamating Y Bont Faen Primary School and Cowbridge Comprehensive School. 


Introduction to the proposal

On 4 November 2019, the Council’s Cabinet approved a phased approach to expanding primary provision in Cowbridge with an expansion of English medium provision being delivered as part of phase one and Welsh medium primary provision being expanded as part of phase two. This is as a result of pupil projections, indicating that existing English medium provision would not be able to meet demand from September 2020. Projections indicate that existing Welsh medium provision would be sufficient to meet demand over the next five years.

The Council previously consulted on a proposal to increase English-medium primary capacity by establishing a 3-19 all-through school on the Cowbridge Comprehensive School site to accommodate 420 primary places with an additional 96 part time nursery places. This would have resulted in the existing Y Bont Faen Primary School being discontinued, with all staff and pupils transferring to the all-through school.

The Council notes the concerns raised by staff, governors, parents and members of the community to the previous proposal and as such has fully explored the alternative approaches available to deliver the required capacity.

The Council has identified an alternative approach that would meet future demand for English-medium primary education, whilst also addressing a number of concerns submitted as part of the consultation exercise.


On 9 March 2020, the Council’s Cabinet authorised the Director of Learning & Skills to undertake consultation from 16 March 2020 to 1 May 2020 on a revised proposal to meet the increased demand for English medium primary education in Cowbridge from September 2022.



Frequently Asked Questions

  • What would the proposal mean for children currently attending Y Bont Faen and Cowbridge Comprehensive? Would my child be offered a place at the amalgamated school?

    All children attending Y Bont Faen and Cowbridge Comprehensive at the time of amalgamation would be guaranteed a place at the amalgamated school.

  • What would the admission arrangements be for the 3-19 all through school?

    The Vale of Glamorgan Council is the admission authority for the schools. Admission arrangements to the amalgamated school for the primary phase would remain unchanged as a result of this proposal. However, the admission number would be increased from 30 to 60 pupils. At secondary phase pupils would naturally transfer from year 6 to year 7 without applying for a place. 

  • Would this proposal impact on secondary admissions for Cowbridge Comprehensive School? 

    As outlined above, pupils from the primary phase of the all-through school would naturally transfer from year 6 to year 7 without applying for a place. The existing capacity of Cowbridge Comprehensive School is deemed suitable to meet the increased demand for secondary education within the catchment area. Even though Cowbridge Comprehensive School is regularly oversubscribed, the school attracts a large number of applications from outside the catchment area. In September 2019, only 151 (63%) of the 240 pupils allocated a place were from within the catchment area. Of the 1,539 pupils currently on roll at Cowbridge Comprehensive School, only 960 (62%) reside within the catchment area. This means 579 (38%) pupils on roll currently reside outside the school’s catchment area. Therefore, this proposal would result in a more efficient supply and demand of secondary school places within the Cowbridge Comprehensive School catchment area. 

  • What options are available for parents wanting Welsh medium education?  

    There are a number of Welsh-medium primary schools serving the Western Vale, including Ysgol Iolo Morganwg and Ysgol Dewi Sant. Existing Welsh medium primary provision is sufficient to meet anticipated demand for Welsh medium education in this area over the next 5 years. On 4 November 2019 the Council’s Cabinet approved a phased approach to expanding primary provision in Cowbridge with English medium capacity being addressed as part of phase one and Welsh medium capacity being addressed as part of phase two. To ensure continuity across key stages, it is proposed that the English medium expansion would be delivered on the Cowbridge Comprehensive School site whilst the Welsh medium expansion would be delivered utilising the 2-hectare site on Darren Farm.

  • Who would manage the construction of the new school building?

    The Council’s 21st Century Schools Team would be responsible for managing the build process. A contractor would be appointed using the SEWSCAP framework. SEWSCAP is a construction framework used by 16 local authorities and provides pre-qualified and suitably experienced Contractors to deliver the 21st Century Schools Programme, and other public buildings, relating to both new build and refurbishment projects over £1.5 million. A full transport assessment would be undertaken as part of the design process. Any implications identified would be factored into the design of the new building. The contractor would submit a full planning application for the new building.

    It is intended that construction of the new school would commence by January 2021 and be completed by September 2022. Staff and pupils would transfer by September 2022.

    A programme of engagement would be devised to ensure all stakeholders are informed of progress and are able to feed into the design process. There would be regular meetings between the Council, contractor and school. Any feedback or thoughts can be sent to the 21st Century Schools Team on:


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21stC Schools - Dewi Sant
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