Vacancies for Local Authority (LA) Governors

Applications are invited from those wishing to be considered for current Local Authority (LA) school governor vacancies.


The LA Governor Appointments Panel will consider on the basis of the contribution applicants can bring to a school in terms of their skills and experience. 


Factors for consideration include:

  • Experience as an effective school governor measured in terms of possession of relevant skills, knowledge and experience including skills that match the challenges of the individual school.
  • The contribution made during a term of office and regular attendance.
  • A genuine desire to help improve standards of education within the school in partnership with the headteacher and the rest of the governing body.
  • A knowledge of and an interest in the community in which the school is situated.
  • A knowledge of modern education issues.
  • A commitment to regular attendance at full governing body meetings as well as meetings of any committees of the governing body to which they are elected.
  • A commitment to attend governor training courses to update their skills and knowledge to enhance their ability and effectiveness as a governor.