Parenting Programmes

There are many parenting programmes that are run in the Vale of Glamorgan. Here, you will find out more information about what parenting programmes are and how they can support you.



What is a Parenting Programme?

Parenting Programmes and Parenting Services support parents, focusing on skills/techniques to strengthen family relationships and family resilience and to reduce family breakdown.

To ensure that they are effective, parenting programmes are delivered in the Vale of Glamorgan using validated programmes.

Programmes can be delivered in a group or one to one setting.


What is a Parenting Service?

A service that delivers parenting skills groups or one to one parenting skills support to parents/carers.

There are many services that support families by offering information and advice. They can also refer parents onto parenting programmes. However, parenting programmes provide a distinct service as outlined above.

What is Parenting?

The Welsh Government Parenting Action Plan defined parenting as

‘an activity undertaken by those who bring up children, this includes mothers and fathers, foster carers and adoptive parents, step-parents, and grandparents. In some cases, siblings also undertake a parenting role. All of these play a crucial role in giving the children in their care a flying start in life, providing the best basis for children’s and young people’s growth and development. Local authorities also act as corporate parents for children and young people in their care.’


Finding the right programme 

There are many parenting programmes that run in the Vale of Glamorgan. Below is a list of them, the age of the children they're aimed at and the organisations that run them. For more information please visit the Dewis Cymru website by entering a keyword, such as 'Parenting' or contact the Family Information Service:


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Programme - Family Links Welcome to the World

For: Expectant parents

Welcome to the World is an 8 week group/1:1 programme for parents expecting a baby.  It aims to build the relationship between parents and baby in-utero and between parents as a couple. The programme aims to improve maternal wellbeing, increase confidence of both parents, help develop supportive social networks with peers and support an understanding of a new born baby’s cues.

Delivered by: Flying Start, Shine Project


Programme - Baby's First Year

For parents of 3 - 9 months

This is a 6 week programme for small groups of new parents/carers that promotes early positive parent/child interaction, looks forward to the developmental stages within a baby’s first 12 months and introduces the broad range of services and support available from the Flying Start team.

Delivered by: Flying Start


Programme - Language and Play / Number

For parents of 0 - 3 years

The Language and Play Programme is an informal and fun set of workshops for parents and carers of pre-school children. We provide support and guidance for parents and carers of children aged 0-3, helping you to explore ways of talking, playing ,singing and reading with young children to give them a good start with their early learning. We will get together for 6 weeks to share lots of ideas on supporting your child's early development.


There will be lots of exiting things for you and your baby/child to try –story time, singing songs, craft activities, ideas for homemade activities and a chance to make new friends. It's great fun and free.
Delivered by: Flying Start

sense of play

Programme - Sense of Play

For parents of preschool children

The Sense of play project was set up and designed by professionals within the Vale of Glamorgan for Pre-school children with Special or Additional needs. The sessions will run for a period of six weeks in the family home and will meet the needs of the child and the family.


Each session will run for an hour with you and your child where you can experience new ideas and play activities together, expanding and building positive relationships between you and your child through play. Sessions help parents to recognise the different stages of child’s development, offer ideas, share knowledge and information regarding children’s development and play.

Delivered by the Children and Young People's Partnership

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Programme - Early Bird and Early Bird Plus

For parents of 2 - 9 years

Early Bird (for children up to age 5yrs) and Early Bird Plus (for children age 5-9yrs) is a 10 week course, three hours per week, for parents who have children with Autism. You will learn more about Autism and strategies to support you and your family with communication and problem behaviours.

The aim is for parents to feel empowered and more confident. You will also meet other families and be able to share ideas and strategies.

Delivered by EarlyBird Licensed Trainers from Ysgol y Deri 


Programme - Family Links Parent Nurturing Programme

For parents of 0 - 11 years

This is a 10 week parenting programme for groups of up to 12 parents/carers and two trained group leaders. The Parent Programme topics build on parents’ existing skills and introduce many helpful ways of improving family relationships and managing the behaviour of children of all ages. The Programme is based on the four constructs of appropriate expectations, positive discipline, empathy, and self-awareness.

Delivered by: Flying Start, FACT Project, Action For Children, Putting Families First and Shine Project.

Upset women resting her head on someones shoulder

Programme - Take 3

For parents of 10 - 18 years

A 10 week course that supports parents with strategies to cope with challenging teenage behaviour.  It looks at the importance of empathy, teenage development and also the difference in the brain development of a teenager. It encourages parents to identify with teenage feelings as well as suggests specific strategies to use with teenagers that display a challenge

Delivered by the Youth Offending Service (YOS) and the FACT Project.


YOS and FACT offer an extended Take 3 programme to support parents of at-risk or vulnerable young people whose challenging behaviour is causing problems for the parents and/or the community.



  • Take 3 Parenting Programme


    The Youth Offending Service and the FACT Project run an extended Take 3 programme.


    The Take 3 programme has two main aims: to improve relationships between young people and their families and to improve young people’s behaviour at home, school (where applicable) and the wider community.


    To achieve this the objectives of the course are to equip parents with skills and strategies to be able to:

    • Nurture their young people by encouraging them and listening to them
    • Provide appropriate structure and boundaries for their young people
    • To take care of themselves so that they retain the necessary energy to be able to parent effectively and to also role model to the young person


    The course is split into two parts and is for parents of young people aged between 10 and 18. Part 1 consists of a basic course with ten core sessions which all parents need to attend before they can embark on any of the additional modules contained in Part 2 of the course. This is an extra opportunity to ‘pick and mix’ sessions which focus on specific issues, such as anger, anti-social behaviour or sexual issues, all of which continue to tie in with the original body of the course, hence reinforcing learning throughout.


    The Take 3 programme was originally created specifically to support parents of at-risk or vulnerable young people whose challenging behaviour was causing problems for their parents or the community. For this reason the Vale of Glamorgan Youth Offending Service identified this module in order to provide an intensified approach to supporting young people’s parents once they had entered the Youth Justice system, (whether on a prevention basis or as a result of a court order).


    The programme itself is comprehensive and has a wide range of resources aimed at not only providing the parents with skills to improve their assertiveness and communication skills but also to provide the facilitators with the rationale and theory relating to each session.


    For more information contact:


    Youth Offending Service:


    FACT Project:




Programme - Handling Children's Behaviour

For parents of 0 - 10 years

A 10 week parenting programme that supports parents with identifying reasons for behaviour, supports them with building relationships and helps put strategies in place to support behaviour.

Delivered by Action For Children, FACT, Putting Families First


Programme - Handling Teenage Behaviour

For parents of teenagers

Handling Teenage Behaviour is an 8 week programme for parents. The course is designed to help with your day to day handling of your teenager’s behaviour by taking into account the needs of both your teenager and you as the parent. It focuses on ways in which to build parent-child relationships and covers a range of behaviour management strategies for you to take away and practice.

Delivered by Action For Children and the FACT Project 


Programme - STEPS

For parents of all ages

This is a 5 week, full day course that supports parents with being reflective, looking at your own lives, how you grew up and your influences.  It encourages confidence building and self-esteem, supports you to set up goals in your life and take control of what you want.  This course shows parents that you are a huge influence in your children’s lives, and how you treat your children and how you feel about yourself, has a direct influence over how your children will behave and how your children feel.

Delivered by Putting Families First 

Children with parents

Programme - Building Confident Families

For parents of all Ages

Confident Families is a 4/5 week programme to help parents (with children of any age) to recognise stress factors and learn new ways to manage the thoughts, feelings and actions associated with stress. It will support you to learn new techniques that will help build/strengthen resilience in yourself and your families.

Delivered by the FACT Project


Programme - Supporting Family Life

For parents of all ages

This is a 6 week course that looks at specific parenting strategies and will be delivered to parents who have completed the STEPS programme.  It looks at children’s behaviour and stages of development, how play can support development, how to communicate with children to help positive behaviours and how to set appropriate boundaries. 

Delivered by Putting Families First