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Attendance at Meetings

(from the Annual Meeting on 23 May 2022 to the Annual Meeting on 10 May 2023)


Attendance at Meetings
Appointed to the following at the Annual Meeting on 23 May 2022No. of Meetings   Held to DateAttended%AttendancesApologies Received
Council (including Annual Meeting) 9 9 100%  
Scrutiny (Learning and Culture) 10 9 90% 1


Appointed to Committee During Municipal Year
Appointed to the following DURING the Municipal YearNo. of Meetings Held to Date Attended % Attendance ApologiesReceived 

Scrutiny (Environment and Regeneration)

(from 13 December 2022)

4 2 50% 2


Not a Member but Present
Not a Member of the Committee but Present at Meeting Attended 
Community Liaison  1
Planning 1