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Have your say on the Council’s levelling up bid for Barry

The Vale of Glamorgan Council is to bid for £20m of funding from the UK Government Levelling Up Fund to transform the Barry Docks waterfront. Have your say in finalising the bid.


Shaped by the town’s maritime and industrial history, the bid comprises two key projects which together will form a huge package of investment to continue the regeneration of docks area and the surrounding waterfront. 


Barry Waterfront Marina


Linear Park View (The Mole)
Linear Park View (The Mole) Site Photo


A new marina at the site known as The Mole is the centrepiece of the plans. The marina would attract visitors and tourists to the town and serve as the catalyst for the next stage of the regeneration of the docks.


Innovative business incubator hubs – a range of small units to suit a variety of businesses – would sit alongside the marina. The units would give small enterprises space to grow and while generating new jobs for Barry. The development would also include units for hospitality businesses. New residential properties would also feature in the rejuvenated docks area as well as landscaped public open space to create a welcoming gateway for residents and visitors.


A new watersports centre for the Vale


Barry Watersports Centre
Barry Watersports Centre Site Photo


The second project of the package is the construction of a new, green, purpose built watersports facility at Barry Waterfront. Designed to boost leisure opportunities and wider community use of the area, the facility would provide a new home for the Ocean Watersports Trust. This will not only benefit local clubs and organisations but also schools, youth groups, and the general public by giving them access to first class facilities to enjoy the water. The new space would provide meeting rooms, community spaces and classrooms, as well as equipment storage space. 



Our key principles

In line with the UK Government criteria for Levelling-up Fund bids our proposals are underpinned by a series of key principles:


  • Community and Leisure

    The levelling-up funding will be used to strengthen the character of key locations in Barry by recognising the town’s heritage and using this as a platform for future growth. This will be underpinned for four key principles:

    • Protect and enhance historic buildings and spaces within the town

    • Improve the design quality of buildings and landscapes

    • Improve connectivity between key areas

    • Increase the sense of vibrancy in key areas by introducing a new mix of uses for existing and new buildings

  • Creating Opportunities for Growth 

    The bid will nurture new business and help existing ones to grow by:

    • Ensuring a joined up approach to development is adopted

    • Improving connections between existing and future growth areas

    • Encouraging a sense of vibrancy, community, and place by creating mixed use developments in the town

    • Allowing flexibility for shifts in future trends

  • Unlocking Viability and Connectivity 

    The Council’s bid will enhance existing routes and create new connections between some of Barry’s most important areas. It is centred on four key principles:

    • Visually enhance key routes

    • Enhance active travel routes and create new, safe pedestrian and cycle routes

    • Improve legibility to key locations

    • Increase biodiversity by planting more trees and better soft landscaping


Have your say

Before we finalise and submit our bid we want to hear the views of local residents and other key stakeholders. Share you views online using the contacts below, or talk to us directly at our Levelling-up drop in session.



Levelling-up bid drop in sessions at Barry Library 

  • Monday 27 June 10:00 - 17:00
  • Tuesday 28 June 10:00 - 17:00
  • Wednesday 29 June 10:00 - 17:00