Belle Vue Pavilion and Play Area Upgrade Proposals

The Council has received Section 106 financial contributions for Community Facilities from nearby developments, and this has been allocated to Belle Vue Pavilion and play area to comprehensively upgrade these well-used facilities.


About the project


  • Why is a proposal being considered?

    In 2015, a conditions survey was undertaken, which concluded that the externals of the building are “Life Expired” and the extent of the risks highlighted have the potential to close the building. 


    The existing building facilitates a range of social, educational, play, sport and training activities in the park and is already a centre for residents and community groups, from formal annual events, to informal activities such as after-school play and gardening clubs. The building is also the home to Belle Vue Bowling Club.


    The loss of such a building would result in a huge gap in the community.

  • What consultations have been held? 

    Formal consultations have been held in 2019 and 2020 to determine the future of the building and to understand and fully appreciate the views of residents and user groups.


    The consultations have indicated that the existing building is an extremely well-used facility by the residents immediately around the park; pupils and parents at Albert Primary School; wider Penarth community, ward population and for visitors to Penarth. The consultations have highlighted that the existing Pavilion is limited in its current form in terms of how far it can expand to meet the existing and future population's needs, mainly due to the condition of the building. 


    Draft plans were consulted upon in September-October 2020 as a basis for discussion. The feedback from the survey and from engagement sessions with user groups indicate that accessible toilet facilities and flexible/multi-functional space are welcomed. The addition of a café/kiosk was also widely supported.  


    It is clear from the feedback that respondents would like to see a new building that is sympathetic to and in keeping with the local area. The existing building’s location within the conservation area is important and people feel strongly that this should be respected. The development of the plans and engagement has been on-going, taking into consideration the feedback from various stakeholders.


    The development of the proposals has sought to balance the needs of the wider community (increasing the capability, usability and accessibility of the space) while protecting the need of the bowls club (toilets/changing cubicles/storage/veranda etc).

  • What options have been considered? 

    The Council has considered other options such as upgrading the existing building and structures, although this option is not feasible. The amount of work required is to the extent the building would need to be demolished and rebuilt. This is considered the most viable and appropriate option for the following reasons:


    • The replacement building would be built to 21st Century building standards, offering a more efficient community facility and reducing the costs and carbon footprint.

    • The replacement building would address all issues such as accessibility, layout, drainage, utilities, and structure.

    • The replacement building would provide a flexible space to meet the needs of a diverse range of user groups: new and existing.

    • Increase the level of community access and improve the already good relationships across the community; the fusion of indoor and outdoor space. 


  • Who would use the new building? 

    A number of groups already use the existing pavilion building, including the Friends of Belle Vue and Penarth Bowling Club.


    As part of the consultation, and within recent years, numerous voluntary, community and private groups have approached the Council, and indicated that they would like to use the building on a regular basis, although due to the current condition of the building (no heating, inaccessible for disabled persons etc.) they have been deterred, and therefore would be interested should the new building be built.  

  • How has the new building been funded? 
    The Council has received a number of Section 106 contributions from nearby developments. The Council has also applied been awarded Lottery funding through the “People and Places” grant.
  • How would the building be managed? 
    It is anticipated that the day to day management of the building would be via a Community Association, and following feedback and interest, the Council would also like to explore the potential of a kiosk/café operator.


  • What are the plans for the play area? 

    Belle Vue Play Area will be fully upgraded later this year with some repair works to the climbing whirl unit and tables taking place this spring. 


    It will have a nature / woodland theme and works will include replacing the swings, climbing wall and multi-units with new modern play equipment and safety surfacing. 


    The climbing whirl unit will be retained as this was identified as a much-loved piece of equipment during a recent public consultation exercise and it is anticipated that the works will be undertaken in the autumn.


    In addition, Bella the sculptured dragon will also be taken off site to be renovated.

  • Updated plans 

    Amendments have been made to the planning application. The following list summarises the key changes which seek to address concerns raised by local residents and also to simplify the construction of the building.

    The amended plans have reduced the footprint of the building and the encroachment into the green space to the rear by:

    - Reducing the size of the rear section of the building.

    - Omitting the access ramp to the front of the building and moving the building closer to the bowling green (not impacting the green itself in any way);


    Amendments have been made to the appearance of the building:

    - Simplifying the roof construction so that the building appears as two sections, by omitting the original lower link roof for the hallway/display area.

    - Introduction of a sedum surface finish on the rear roof in lieu of the vertical green wall.

    - Amending the rear path to a grass filled reinforced grid.

    - Introduction of new Tree planting to the north-west of the building.  

  • How much bigger will the proposals be? 

    The existing notional building footprint (and ‘dead’ circulation and storage space underneath the roof structures) measures circa 300 sq/m. 


    Following resident feedback, the new proposed building footprint, as amended (not including the proposed canopy), would measure 347 sq/m, which is a reduction from the original proposals.  


    This marginal increase in floor space (13.5%) allows for full accessibility; benefits such as toilets and a changing places space; display space; consolidated storage space, in addition to multi-use, fit for purpose community space in the St. Augustine’s Ward. The amended plans propose moving the pavilion forward.



    The area of recreation space being saved by moving the building forward towards the bowling green, as a guide, has saved 65 sq/m of grass and recreation space in the upper Park area.


    The proposal will ensure the space to the rear can still be used by all users of the park; children will still be able to play informally. 

  • How have you chosen the finished materials?  

    The dwellings in Belle Vue Terrace, which form the backdrop to Belle Vue Park, are predominantly characterised by buff yellow brick with red capping, and grey slate rooflines. The proposed front section of the building has been designed to reflect these materials. 


    Large windows have been proposed to the front of the building, to increase natural light, and to increase the views between the building and the bowling green.  There will also be a green free-standing canopy (glazed) to the front, to replicate the same transition between the building and the bowling green, as the existing situation.


    It is noted that some recent feedback has suggested a “red” roof, to replicate the original part of the pavilion. Others have suggested red roof tiles, similar to the buildings at Albert Road Primary School and St Augustine's Parish Hall. A tiled roof type generally needs to be significantly steeper. This can be up to 35 degrees with some manufacturers and tile types. Currently the mono pitch roof proposed on the front section of the building is 12 degrees. The proposed roof has been deliberately designed to reflect the relatively shallow pitch of the existing building, but also to enable views across the top of building to the Church, as existing. A steeper pitched roof would not look appropriate in this sensitive location in the park and would result in the building being taller.Further, it was considered that the existing red corrugated roofline has had many years of wear and tear – it is well-weathered, and a new red roof may look stark in the landscape.


    Further, the existing red roof is only limited to a small expanse on the original block, and therefore it was concluded that it may look too extensive on the proposed current design. Grey has been chosen for the main building element, which is more appropriate, and will reflect the character of the conservation area. 


    With regards to the rear section of the building, this section has been designed into the landscape and changing topography. It will have a green roof, which will enhance how the building looks when viewed from the higher levels within the park, and also provide ecological and biodiverse habitat for birds, butterflies and insects. The walls for the north eastern element will be finished in dark green smooth render. 

  • Why are you removing three trees?

    Regrettably, three trees need to be removed as part of the build. Two of the trees have roots directly underneath the existing building/structures and they are impacting the building.


    The third tree is located within an area which needs to be excavated to facilitate the build and so that the level access path can be accommodated.


    Replacement tree planting and landscaping will be located within the park around the new building. 

  • Why have you included a kiosk/café space? 

    The proposed kiosk/café has been indicatively presented on the plans, given that the inclusion of a Cafe has been heavily supported in the community when proposed via the consultations undertaken in 2019/20.  


    It is anticipated that the facility would be small-scale to complement the community element of the proposals, and the wider park. The use and hours of operation would be carefully managed through the future terms and conditions between the Council and the end user, and through any future planning permission. 


Belle Vue Pavilion and Play Area Plans

 These plans were agreed by the Council's Planning Committee on 27 October, 2021. 


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