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Apps and Activities

Keep the whole family entertained with fun activity packs, game and apps. 


These activity packs are great for encouraging the younger members of your family to embark on an outing to the coast and countryside where our Augmented Reality Apps and games bring history to life.


AR at the Heritage Coast

  • See how Dunraven Castle would have looked in it’s heyday

  • Discover how people would have lived and traded at the Iron Age Hillfort also at Dunraven Bay

  • Learn more about the Frolic, a grand passenger steam paddler which came to a tragic end

  • Play the 'Wreckers Run' game

  • Download one of our family fun packs and learn a little something about the coast as you explore!


Heritage Coast App on Apple-Store


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AR at Romilly Park 

Romilly Park welcomes Cyril the Squirrel. His AR self will guide you around the trail, where you can learn about the park's trees and play the leaf game. 


Romilly Park app on Android App Store Romilly Park app on Apple-Store


AR at Porthkerry Country Park

Porthkerry Country Park has so much to see and do, and this app will allow you to bring parts of the park to life as you get out and explore.

  • Meet Henry Ringham, whose company was brought in to repair the viaduct after it started to collapse
  • Find out about the potions Ann Jenkin, the witch of Cliff Wood Cottage,  made and the spells she may have cast.
  • See Cwm Ciddy sawmill appear on top of its foundations and see how it was worked from the twin leated pond above it

Porthkerry Country Park app on Android App StorePorthkerry Country Park app on Apple-Store

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The app has GPS triggered collectable trails which will allow you to explore the park, collecting virtual plants and animals along the way while you look out for the real ones.


You can collect myths and legends from around the park with the story trail and there’s a kids’ collectable trail around the meadow area too enabling them to collect facts about different animals while they run around. Once you’ve collected your AR characters, stories, fauna, flora, they will be saved into your collections library to read about whenever you like.


Porthkerry Country Park AR App by Jam Creative Studios was part funded by Barry Regeneration grant and Heritage Lottery Grant.


Activity Packs

Run around castles, meet dastardly pirates, go on a fossil hunt or scare away the Vikings, whatever gets their hearts racing, their brains pumping and their feet stomping out the door, we reckon there’s something here for you and your family to enjoy.


Download one of our family fun packs and learn a little something about the coast as you explore!