Supporting PeopleAbout Housing Related Support

The aim of the Supporting People programme and therefore housing related support services is, through the provision of support, to:

  • enable vulnerable people to increase or maintain their independence,
  • prevent people from becoming homeless,
  • meet the needs of people who have experienced homelessness,
  • meet the needs of people who may be threatened with homelessness in the absence of housing-related support
  • maintain individuals' tenancy and accommodation.

Housing related support services are complementary to a variety of existing care, support, mediation and advice services; they should work alongside and co-operate with these services but also recognise that they are unique in the support they provide.


Housing related support services are led by the service users identified needs and are outcome focused.


Housing related support services can be delivered to the following client groups:


  • People fleeing domestic abuse (female and male service users)
  • People with a learning disability
  • People with mental ill-health
  • People with an alcohol dependence
  • People with a drug dependence
  • Refugees with support needs
  • People with physical disabilities
  • Young people
  • Ex-offenders and those at risk of offending
  • People who are homeless or potentially homeless
  • People with chronic illness
  • Vulnerable parents
  • Older people
  • Gypsy travellers


Floating Support

Floating support is support delivered to the service user in their own home by a support worker. There are services available for tenants and home owners.


How do I apply for this service?

You can refer yourself or ask someone else to refer you for floating support.


If you decide you would like to be referred to a floating support service then you will be asked to complete a form, either by yourself or with our assistance. This will enable the team to ascertain that you do require support and which Support Provider is best suited to deal with your needs.


If you wish to refer yourself please contact Supporting People to request a hard copy of the Housing Related Support referral form. Or you can download it here:



Please complete the above form and return to Supporting People.


If you are involved with the homelessness service your allocated Homelessness Officer will complete a referral on your behalf.