Hoarding, Skip and Scaffolding Licences

Information and licence application forms for hoardings, skip and scaffolding



In the interest of safety, permission may be given to contractors for hoardings to be erected on the highway to protect site works - there is a charge of £100.00 per four week period to issue a hoardings licence.



Similarly there is a £100.00 per four week period charge to erect scaffolding on the highway also. Scaffolding can only be erected on the highway where the necessary approval has been given.



For a skip to be sited on the public highway, it is necessary to apply for a licence, (which is normally undertaken by the skip company). There is a charge of £60.00 per skip for a 4 week period. *




Should you require permission or would like to arrange a site meeting with an officer to discuss your requirements please contact: