Cowbridge Physic Garden

Cowbridge Physic Garden, in the ancient part of this market town, lies behind high stone walls in what was once the kitchen garden of Old Hall, belonging to the Edmondes family. 


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The site of just 0.2 hectares in recent years has been transformed by a team of dedicated volunteers into a physic garden, the first in Wales.  A physic garden is a type of herb garden with medicinal plants and Cowbridge Physic Garden is a great example of A design incorporates twelve medicinal beds. 


All the plants are varieties that are known to have been growing in Britain before 1800 and are planted in beds that represent different parts of the body or ailments that medicinal plants can be used to cure. For example there are beds for the treatment of the heart and blood, the lungs, the kidneys, the liver, skin, nails and hair, the bones and the eyes.   


There are also some beds which are planted with plants for cooking and others for dyeing fabrics.  Many “herbal” remedies have been in use for hundreds of years and even today up to 80% of the world’s population still rely on herbal medicines. 


It is possible to learn about the fascinating myths,  legends and folklore connected to many of the plants. 

One of the best days to visit the garden is a Thursday when the volunteers are always hard at work planting, weeding, pruning and generally making sure the garden is at its best. 


Visitors are always welcome and the volunteers are always happy to answer questions and talk about particular plants and their uses.  Activities for school visits would be staff led but with activity sheets and the knowledgeable volunteers on hand with explanations.  Due to the nature of the garden, learning would be out of doors but there are two summerhouses which provide some shelter.


Please contact Pamela Haines:

  • 01656 654330