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The Vale of Glamorgan is the most southerly point on mainland Wales, a county rich in countryside and coast, both of which are alive with natural, ecological and geographical beauty.


A great place to visit, and a great place to learn. To choose the Vale for your school trip is to choose a location that offers unique opportunities to learn creatively in inspiring locations whilst making the most of the counties very best assets. Its natural environment.  


If you are looking for the right venue for your school visit, or require advice on which combination of venues will suit your schools needs, we're here to help. 


We can also advise on the perfect picnic spots between venues, access for buses and other locations in the Vale that might be of interest.


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Your guide to the Vale School Trip icons

Please use this to help guide you through all the venues you can choose from in the Vale.


Each icon relates to a different topic and category that your school will be studying. Look out for the icons on each page or simply select both the topic and category of your choice in the search box of the Vale School Trips home page and see what comes up.




Arts and Culture icon


Arts and Culture


Heritage Icon


Castles, Churches and Heritage 

Coast Icon



Parks and Greenspace Icon


Country Parks and Green Spaces

Farming and Food Icon


Farming and Food

Sports and Adventure Icon


Sport and Adventure

Other Icon





Creative Development Icon


Creative Development  

Knowledge Icon


Knowledge and Understanding of the World

Language and Literature Icon


Language, Literacy and Communication Skills 

Maths Development Icon


Mathematical Development 

Welsh Language Development Icon


Welsh Language Development 

Physical Development Icon


Physical Development 

Personal Social Development Icon


Personal and Social Development, Well-being and Cultural Diversity