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Carer's Emergency Card

The Carer's Emergency Card (CEC) helps plan for someone to be looked after if something unexpected happens to their carer.


One of the biggest worries for unpaid carers is how the family member or friend who relies on them would cope if anything happened to their carer.


In response to this, Carers Wales has developed a new card for carers. Should an emergency or accident happen, by carrying this card it will let emergency workers and others know that someone relies on you as a carer. The card provides spaces for emergency contacts, for example family or friends who can help:



The Carers Wales Carers Emergency Card (CEC) does not require a carer's assessment. The CEC card:


  • Is the size of a credit card and can easily be carried in your purse or wallet

  • Displays telephone numbers to call in the event of an emergency


Apply for a CEC

Carers wishing to receive a CEC can contact Carers Wales. This can be done by:


  • Email: The carer will need to provide their name and address and request a CEC 
  • Telephone: 02920 811370 Leave a voicemail if there is no answer, asking for a call back 
  • Once Carers Wales receive the request and the contact details, they will send the card to the address provided via post