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Carer's Assessment



Social Services has a duty to assess if carers in the Vale need any support. An assessment gives you a chance to talk to someone about what support might make caring easier


As an unpaid Carer you need to recognise your own needs for help and support, and you have a right to expect others, such as professionals in health and social care, to recognise those rights and direct you towards support which is appropriate for your individual situation. 


The carer's assessment will look at support, preventative services, whether an unpaid carer works or wishes to do so and if a carer wants to participate in education, training or any leisure activity. 


It is the level of 'support', if identified, which determines what help can be provided by social services. 


A social worker or a carers support officer will visit you to talk about what help would be useful to you and the person you care for. Some of the things you will talk about are:

  • Carer's circumstances
  • Personal Outcomes and barriers to achieving these outcomes
  • The risks if these outcomes are not achieved
  • Carer's strengths and capabilities


An assessment gives you the chance to:

  • Think about your needs
  • Consider the impact of caring on your 'well-being'
  • Talk, in private, to someone who understands your situation
  • Be listened to
  • Think about whether you feel you can go on caring and the choices you have
  • Talk about the support you think is important to carry out your role and to maintain your health and well being

Request a Carer's Assessment

If you are a carer, then you are entitled to an assessment.


To request a carer's assessment please contact our Contact Centre, C1V:


Opening Hours: Monday to Friday 8.00am - 5.00pm


Text: C1V then your message to 60066



If you are a parent carer of a disabled child, then you are entitled to an assessment.


Please contact the Families First Advice Line.

Monday - Friday 9.00am - 4.30pm


Request a Young Carer Assessment

For carer's assessments involving young carers (ie under 18 years of age).


Contact the Families First Advice Line:


Opening Hours: Monday to Friday 9:00am – 4:30pm.


  • 0800 0327 322