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Portfolios for Executive

Portfolios of the Leader of the Council and the Cabinet Members


Burnett, Lis

Councillor Lis Burnett

Executive Leader and Cabinet Member for Performance and Resources (Labour and Co-operative Group)


  • Chief Executive’s Office
  • Cabinet Support Office
  • Strategic Policy and Corporate Planning
  • Public Services Board
  • Performance Monitoring and Improvement Planning
  • Communications and Media Relations
  • Customer Care
  • Human Resources Strategy and Implementation
  • Organisational Development and Training
  • Employee Relations 
  • Recruitment, Retention and Management of Attendance
  • Corporate Health and Safety
  • Democratic Services, Member Development and Support
  • Financial Services
  • Budget Planning and Management
  • Digital Transformation
  • Information and Communication Technology
  • Land, Property and Asset Management
  • Procurement and Contracts
  • Risk Management
  • Reshaping Services and Transformation
  • Local Government modernisation, collaboration and well-being agenda
  • Strategic Regeneration, including Levelling Up and Shared Prosperity Funding
  • Cardiff Airport and Bro Tathan Enterprise Zone
  • Inward Investment

Regional Working

  • Cardiff Capital Region City Deal and South East Wales Corporate Joint Committee
Brooks, Bronwen

Councillor Bronwen Brooks

Deputy Leader and Cabinet Member for Sustainable Places (Labour Group)


  • Town Centre development and promotion
  • Regeneration Service and projects
  • Community Capacity building
  • Countryside Services, including Public Rights of Way, Country Parks, Heritage Coast and Landscape Services
  • Biodiversity Policy and Implementation
  • Economic Development and Business Support
  • Employment Land and Buildings
  • Private Sector Housing Renewal and Improvements
  • Tourism and Events
  • Climate Change and Project Zero
  • Active Travel and Sustainable Transport
  • Local and Regional Transport Plans
  • METRO Delivery
  • Public Transport
  • Home to School Transport Policy and Provision
  • Community Transport
  • Road Safety, including Safe Routes in Communities
Sivagnanam, Ruba

Councillor Ruba Sivagnanam

Cabinet Member for Community Engagement, Equalities and Regulatory Services (Labour and Co-operative Group)


Community Engagement and Participation:

  • Public Participation Strategy
  • Consultation and Engagement



  • Equalities planning, strategy and monitoring


Land Use Planning:

  • Planning Policy and Local Development Plan
  • Development Management
  • Building Control


Legal Services:

  • Community Legal Services
  • Property and Contracts
  • Litigation


Electoral Services

Registration Services

Record Management and Information Services

Shared Regulatory Services and Licensing

Civil Protection and Emergency Planning

Birch, Rhiannon

Councillor Rhiannon Birch

Cabinet Member for Education, Arts and the Welsh Language (Labour Group)


  • Education Strategic Planning
  • Early Years Education Provision
  • Education Welfare, Advice and Assessment
  • Governor Support and Training
  • Education Inclusion and Access, including Pupil Referral
  • School Admissions
  • Schools and Community Development
  • School Funding and Support
  • School Improvement and Challenge, including Central South Consortium
  • Special Educational Needs
  • Catering Service / Big Fresh
  • Welsh Language Policy and Development
  • Welsh in Education Strategic Plan
  • Adult Community Learning
  • Library and Information Services
  • Youth Service
  • Sustainable Communities for learning
  • Arts Strategy and Development
John, Gwyn

Councillor Gwyn John

Cabinet Member for Leisure, Sport and Well-being (Leader - Llantwit First Independents)


  • Community Centre management and partner liaison
  • Leisure Strategy and Policy development
  • Leisure Management (including Sports and Leisure Centres)
  • Strategic Investment - Leisure
  • Sport Development and Play
  • Regional collaboration on sport development
  • Partnership development - local sport facilities
  • Sport and leisure promotion
  • Sport participation and access
  • Well-being Collaboration (including Public Health Wales and Cardiff and Vale University Health Board)


Wilson, Mark

Councillor Mark Wilson

Cabinet Member for Neighbourhood and Building Services (Labour Group)


  • Parks and Grounds Maintenance
  • Coastal and Resort Management
  • Water Safety
  • Waste Management
  • Recycling Policy and Implementation
  • Environmental Enforcement
  • Public Toilet provision
  • Street Lighting


Highway Engineering Services:

  • Highway Development and Engineering
  • Highway and Highway Structures Maintenance
  • Adverse Weather and Winter maintenance
  • Highway Tree Management
  • Traffic Management
  • Car Parking Provision and Management
  • Flood Risk Management and Coastal Protection 


Fleet Services, including:

  • Fleet Acquisition and Leasing
  • Garage Services and Fleet Maintenance
  • Pool Car Management


Building Services:

  • Housing and Property Maintenance
  • Building Cleaning
  • Building Security 



Perkes, Sandra

Councillor Sandra Perkes

Cabinet Member for Public Sector Housing and Tenant Engagement (Labour Group)


  • Housing Policy and Implementation
  • Welsh Housing Quality Standards Delivery
  • Council House development programme
  • Elderly Persons' Homes
  • Home Office Relgated Issues
  • Homelessness and Travellers (including sites)
  • Housing Strategy and Investment
  • Identification of Housing Need and Accommodation
  • Social Housing Responsibilities
  • Housing Allocations
  • Tenant Services
  • Specialist Housing Services
  • Tenant / Community engagement and community based regeneration
  • Community Safety




Councillor Eddie Williams

Cabinet Member for Social Care and Health (Llantwit First Independents)


  • Adoption Service
  • Adult and Children's Services
  • Adults Advice and Assessment
  • Adult and Children Community Care
  • Home Care Provision
  • Health Liaison
  • Mental Health Services for Adults and Children
  • Services for Adults and Children with Disabilities / Impairment 
  • Family Support and Liaison
  • Youth Offending
  • Health and Social Care Integration and Collaboration including Regional Partnership Board
  • Adult and Children Voluntary Sector Inclusion
  • Social Services Special Needs
  • Social Services Business Support and Innovation
  • Resource Management and Safeguarding
  • Collaboration with the Health Board on social care and health integration 





Plus other executive functions as are set out in the Constitution, as the Leader may allocate to each portfolio from time to time.