The Cabinet, made up of the Leader of the Council and six other Councillors, uses its Executive Powers to make most of the Council's decisions on services, functions and corporate management, including plans and strategies.


Cabinet May 2019

Some key matters, such as setting the Budget, remain a matter for Council to decide. Cabinet meetings take place every fortnight, and are chaired by the Leader. During these meetings, issues are raised and discussed, then decisions are made. 


Prior to the meeting, the agenda for the Cabinet meeting is sent to all Members of the Council.


Cabinet work to a Forward Work Programme that sets out Reports that Members expect to come to different Cabinet Meetings across the year.


As soon as practicable after the Cabinet meeting, the minutes of the meeting detailing decisions that were made are sent to all Members of the Council.  Any Councillor then has the opportunity to "call-in" an item for further scrutiny. Five Scrutiny Committees operate to deal with these requests.



PortfolioPortfolio Holder
Executive Leader and Cabinet Member for Performance & Resources Cllr Neil Moore
Deputy Leader and Cabinet Member for Education and Regeneration Cllr Lis Burnett
Housing and Building Services Cllr Margaret Wilkinson

Legal, Regulatory and Planning Services

Cllr Edward Williams
Leisure, Arts and Culture Cllr Kathryn McCaffer
Neighbourhood Services and Transport Cllr Peter King
Social Care and Health Cllr Ben Gray