Attachment of Earnings

An Attachment to Earnings order is issued by the council to an employer when a customer has not paid their council tax.


The order can only be issued after a liability order has been granted by the Magistrates Court on the outstanding debt. The Attachment to Earnings order is a legal document that obligates the employer takes money direct of a customer’s wages or salary and forwards the money to the council until the outstanding order(s) is paid in full.


Employers Duties

  • An Employers obligation is to administer the order in line with the Guidance and Regulations

  • Failure to deduct may result in proceedings against the employer which could result in a fine.

  • Pay-overs must be made each time a deduction is made from your employee

  • There can only be a maximum of 2 orders running simultaneously

  • The council must be informed by writing within 14 days if the debtor is not in your employment. If the debtor ceases to be employed by you while there is still a balance on the order you must inform the council in writing within 14 days of the debtor leaving your employment. Failure to do so may render you liable for a fine.

  • An employer may deduct £1 per order each time a deduction is taken from an employee’s wages towards administrative costs.

Attachments of Earnings are deducted as a percentage of net earnings. The rate is on the deduction table (page 18 for the Guidance and Regulations) or can be worked out by using the Employer’s Attachment of Earnings Calculator (shown below) and is non-negotiable as it is set by Central Government not the Council.


Employers Attachment of Earnings Calculator


Please enter your take home earnings in pounds.

How often is this amount paid to you?

How many deductions are to be made?

Your calculation is as follows:

Based on £ in wages paid and liability order.

  • First Deduction: £0.00
  • Second Deduction: £0.00

deduction £0.00

No deduction is taken on amounts less than £0.00


Bank Payments

Payments may be made using the Council's Bank:


Lloyds Bank (Barry Docks Branch)
140b Holton Road
Vale of Glamorgan

CF63 4TZ


Sort Code: 30-90-52
Account Number: 00006327
Account Name:
Vale of Glamorgan Council General Fund


Please ensure that you quote your employee's Council Tax account number.


Cheques should be made payable to 'The Vale of Glamorgan Council', and crossed. They should not be addressed to an individual Officer.


Please ensure that your Employee's Council Tax Account Number is written on the back of your cheque.