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Support for families

When you have children in school, it can all add up. You may be entitled to financial help with school essentials, to stop money getting in the way of your child’s education. Below, we can help you claim what’s yours.


Free School Meals

Find out if you could claim Free School Meals for your child. All primary school children in the Vale of Glamorgan are eligible for Universal Primary Free School Meals but you will still need to apply to gain access to other benefits such as the Schools Essentials Grant.

Financial help for new parents

Information on the financial help parents and carers may be eligible to receive.

School Essentials - Pupil Development Grant

Claim what’s yours: If your child already gets free school meals, there could be more help available for School Essentials. A Pupil Development Grant is available to assist families on a low income to buy school uniform and equipment.

Baby Basics

Baby Basics is a volunteer-led project aiming to support new mothers and families who are struggling to meet the financial and practical burden of looking after a new baby.

Education Maintenance Allowance (EMA)

Find out how to apply for EMA, a payment for 16 to 18 year olds living in Wales, who want to continue their education after school leaving age.

Help with childcare costs

Information on what support is available to help parents and carers with the cost of childcare.


School uniform swap shops

Some schools in the Vale of Glamorgan offer uniform swap shops. Donate old school uniform you no longer need, and swap it for it for different sizes or items free of charge. You can check directly with your school to find out if they offer a swap shop. View a list of schools in the Vale of Glamorgan.