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Five Mile Lane Documents 

On 25 January 2016 the Council resolved to make both the Compulsory Purchase Order and the Side Roads Order for the purposes of facilitating the delivery of a scheme of construction, improvement and other works to improve the A4226 Five Mile Lane 


The Compulsory Purchase Order, made by the Council under sections 239, 240, 246, 250 and 260 of the Highways Act 1980 and the Acquisition of Land Act 1981 will, if confirmed by the Welsh Ministers, facilitate compulsory acquisition of the land and new rights necessary to progress the proposed Improvement Scheme in that it will enable the Council to acquire and assemble in its ownership the land and the rights included in the Order (and more particularly listed in the schedule to the Order and shown on the plans attached to the Order). The land and rights over land included in the Order are referred to in this Statement of Case as the Order Land.


The Side Roads Order, made by the Council under sections 14 and 125 of the Highways Act 1980, provides for the stopping up and improvement of particular side roads which will connect to the improved A4226; the construction of new highways and for the stopping up of private means of access to premises; the provision of new means of access to them; and other accommodation works. The Side Roads Order will, if confirmed by the Welsh Ministers, enable and facilitate the construction of the Improvement Scheme and other necessary and associated highway works.


A number of objections have been received by the Council to the Orders and, as a result, a Public Inquiry is due to be held, by an appointed Inspector, at the Docks Offices in Barry for three days commencing on the 25 January 2016. In order to make the documentation of the Orders, and any information that the Council will rely on in support of its case, available to interested parties this webpage has been created to provide linkages to the documents concerned.


1. List of documents referred to in this statement of case or put in evidence at the public inquiry


a) The Planning Application relating to the proposed Improvement Scheme, and its supporting Environmental Statement


d) Statutory Guidance for the Delivery of the Active Travel (Wales) Act 2013



2.    list of further documents which may be referred to or put in evidence at the public inquiry


1.1        Other documents lodged in support of the Planning Application


1.2        Other documents supporting the Improvement Scheme



3. Public Inquiry Documents