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Make a Planning Application

Information and guidance on how to submit a Planning Application within the Vale of Glamorgan.


Make a Planning Application

Submit a planning application online

The quickest and easiest way to submit a planning application is online via the link below:


Planning Portal


Submit a planning application by post or email 

Download application forms via the link below:


Application Forms



Planning Application Fees



You can pay your planning application fee online by credit or debit card


Pay Online


Or Pay by Phone

  • 01446 700111


Advice on making a planning application


Validation Checklist


How Decisions are Made

Most applications are determined by the Chief Planning Officer. The larger or potentially more controversial applications are determined by the Planning Committee.


Planning applications will be assessed against national and local planning policies


Do I need Planning Permission?

Welsh Government offer advice and guidance on their website regarding Permitted Development for householders: 


Welsh Government Permitted Development Advice

Welsh Government Advice on Common Projects


Pre-Application Services

The council is unable to offer informal, written advice on the need for planning permission and will require a formal application for all such determinations.


Submit a pre-application advice enquiry form together with the relevant fee:


•  Householder - £25

•  Minor development - £250

•  Major development - £600

•  Large major development - £1000


For an additional fee of £160 (inclusive of VAT) the Council will provide an hour meeting, at the Council’s discretion.

The Vale of Glamorgan Council will endeavour to provide a written response to all valid pre-application enquiries within 21 days, unless an extension of time is agreed between the authority and applicant. 

As a minimum, applicants for householder developments should expect to receive the following information within their written response: 


  • The relevant planning history of the site

  • The relevant development plan policies against which the development proposal will be assessed

  • Relevant supplementary planning guidance (i.e. design, conservation etc.)

  • Any other material planning considerations

  • An initial assessment of the proposed development, based on the information above


For all other development proposals, applicants should receive all the information outlined above, as well as whether any Section 106 or Community Infrastructure Levy contributions are likely to be sought and an indication of the scope and amount of these contributions.

Major Applications

(Defined as 10 or more dwellings, site area is 0.5 hectares or more, or where new floorspace exceeds 1000 square metres)

Pre-Application Consultation

Developers must submit a Pre Application Consultation (PAC) report for any “major” development.


Detailed guidance can be found on the Welsh Government website Section 17 of the Planning Wales Act 2015


To assist developers in undertaking consultations, a list of all Town and Community Councils can be found here, Ward Members here and Specialist Consultees here


The Council can assist developers in hosting information for their Pre-Application Consultation if they make a formal request for Pre-Application advice.


Notification of Commencement of Development

When a developer wishes to commence their major  development, they must complete and submit a ‘Notification of initiation of development’ form


In addition, a site notice and location plan must be displayed at the development from the date the development commences.



Please Note: When making a planning application, the forms, plans and supporting information will be available to the public.