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Town and Community Councils

Town Mayors, Chairmen and Clerks to Town and Community Councils 2022/23


There are four Town Councils and 22 Community Councils

  • Barry Town Council
  • Cowbridge with Llanblethian Town Council
  • Llantwit Major Town Council
  • Penarth Town Council


Charter between the Vale of Glamorgan Council and Town and Community Councils

In February 2008 the Vale of Glamorgan Council, together with 21 of the 26 Town and Community Councils within the Vale, established a Charter. This was revised in September 2013 and further revised in November 2019.  The Vale of Glamorgan Charter with Town and Community Councils agreed on 4th November 2019 can be viewed here. It sets out the aims for working together, to build on existing good practice, to embrace the principles of openness, honesty, respect for each other’s opinions and the common priorities of putting citizens at the centre. 


The Council’s Community Liaison Committee, consisting of representatives from Town and Community Councils and Members of the Council is to be the vehicle that considers the Charter and monitors any Action Plan to ensure effective monitoring takes place and to monitor progress.


It was intented that the Charter be reviewed every four years following the Local Government Elections or more often if there is considered a need to do so.  However, Local Government Elections have recently been amended to take place on a five yearly basis and therefore, the Charter will be reviewed having regard to this timescale or more often if there is considered a need to do so. 



Request for Consideration of Matter by Community Liaison Committee

A representative from each of the Town and Community Councils sits on the Community Liaison Committee that meets approximately three times a year.  Town and Community Councils are able to request that a matter be considered at the Community Liaison Committee by completing a Request for Consideration proforma and returning it to Democratic Services (e-mail: 


Please note that requests MUST be made by Members of the Town or Community Council VIA their Clerk only, not directly by members of the public.  If a member of the public wishes a matter to be considered, it must be processed via their Community Council Clerk.

Guidance on Clustering

As requested by Town and Community Councils (TCCs), this guidance note has been put together by the Vale of Glamorgan Council (VoG Council) to provide TCCs with information on clustering to support their decision-making processes.



A to Z Search

Find your local town or community council by using our simple A to Z search:


Town Mayors, Chairmen and clerks
CouncilTown Mayors, Chairmen and Clerks
Barry Town Council

Mayor: Councillor H. Payne

Town Clerk: Ms. E. Forbes


Chair: Councillor E. Lewis

Clerk: Ms. S. Hookins

Cowbridge with Llanblethian Town Council

Mayor: Councillor J. Andrew

Town Clerk: Ms. C. Kennedy B.A.

Dinas Powys

Chair: Councillor A. Asbrey

Clerk: Mrs. B. Smreczak




Chair: Councillor A. Baker

Clerk: Mr. R. Carrie


Chair: Councillor Dr. A. Rees

Clerk: Mrs. J. Western

9 Somerset Road, Barry, CF62 8BL


Chair: Councillor L. Barrowclough

Clerk: Mr. P.R. Egan BA, Chartered MCIPD, MILCM, F.Inst LM, FIPSM



Chair: Councillor Mrs. C. Bray

Clerk and Responsible Financial Officer:

Mr. D.L. Jones


Chair: Councillor J. Hitchcock


Clerk: Mrs. J. Griffin


Chair: Councillor L. Howells

Temporary Clerk: Ms. S. Hookins


Chair: Councillor G. Smith 

Clerk: Ms. S. Hookins

Llantwit Major Town Council

Mayor: Councillor G. Thomas

Town Clerk: Ms. R. Quinn

Michaelston le Pit and Leckwith

Chair: Councillor D. Jones

Clerk: Mrs. J. Haigh

Penarth Town Council

Mayor: Councillor L. Rochefort

Town Clerk: Miss. E. Boylan


Chair: Councillor J. Williams

Clerk: Mrs. J. Roberts 



Chair: Councillor P. Summers 

Clerk: Mr. A. Williams


Chair: Councillor D. Moody-Jones 

Clerk: Ms. C. Craven

St Athan

Chair: Councillor R. Eustace

Clerk: Mr. D. Patterson

  • Home: 01446 311424
St. Brides Major

Chair: Councillor B. Lewis 

  • ..
  • ..

Clerk: Mrs. D. Brunsdon

St. Donats

Chair: Councillor T. Evans

Clerk: Mrs. J. Griffin

St. Georges and St. Brides-Super-Ely

Chair: Councillor W. Howells

Clerk:  Ms. N. Dunseath

St. Nicholas with Bonvilston

Chair: Councillor I. Perry

Locum Clerk: Ms. C. Cotterell 

Sully and Lavernock

Chair: Councillor L. Scaglioni

Clerk: Mr. S. Oaten

Welsh St. Donats

Chair: Councillor E. Hall

Clerk: Mrs. V. Pearce


Chair: Councillor J. Williams

Clerk: Ms. D. Barrett-Plows


Chair:  Councillor D. Ambrose 

Clerk: Councillor. C. Hawkins