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Speak Out

Speaking out or 'whistleblowing' has a positive impact on the organisation, protecting the Council's finances and reputation, while keeping colleagues and customers safe.


The Council's Whistleblowing Policy

The Council's whistleblowing policy welcomes all genuine concerns and treats reported issues seriously.

The policy explains:

  • How to raise a concern

  • The types of activity that should be reported

  • The protection the Council provides

  • Confidentiality

  • The Council's response

  • How to take matters further, if necessary

Whistleblowing Policy

Your protection

The Council’s Whistleblowing policy allows you to raise a genuine concern in a confidential manner.


The policy ensures that those who choose to speak out are not victimised or dismissed for raising their concerns.


Those who do choose to speak out are legally protected and the Council will make every effort to ensure that your name is not revealed without your consent.


You can read more about the legal protection afforded to whistleblowers on page 5 of the Council's Whistleblowing policy.

When to Speak Out

You should speak out when you have a genuine concern about malpractice, such as:

  • Conduct which is a criminal offence or breach of law

  • A breach of our Code of Conduct for staff or Councillors

  • Sexual, physical or verbal abuse towards clients, employees, contractors or the public

  • Dangerous procedures risking the health and safety of clients, employees, contractors or the public

  • Unauthorised use of public funds

  • Suspected fraud or corruption

  • Damage to the environment (e.g. land, buildings, highways, water, air, waste, energy, transport, natural habitat etc.)

  • Unethical or improper conduct

  • Services that fall seriously below approved standards or practice

  • Failure to follow the Council’s policies and procedures

How to Speak Out

Report your concerns confidentially using the Speak Out online form, email or phone line. 

  • 01446 731115


Speak Out Online Form