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We are listening and learning

We are committed to delivering the right services to the right people at the right time. Your feedback will help us understand where we are doing a good job and where you think we can do better. By sharing your feedback, you will be helping improve our services for everybody.


What do you want to do:

To make sure we can give you the quickest and best response, please make sure that you use the right option from the list below when you contact us:


Send us feedback

If you would like to make a suggestion about how we can improve our services you can contact us:


Online Feedback Form



Give a compliment

If you would like to send us a compliment about a council employee, team or service you can contact us:


Online Compliment Form



Make a complaint


Before you make complaint 

Anyone who has used, or needs to use, a council service can make a complaint. You can also complain on behalf of someone else who cannot complain themselves (as long as you have their written permission). You should contact us as soon as possible but you have up to 12 months after you become aware of any problem to make a complaint. In exceptional circumstances this timescale could be extended.


Before you make a complaint please read:


  • What a complaint is

    A complaint may include:

    • Failure of the council to provide a service

    • A delay in responding (or no response) to your request in the specified timescale

    • The council failing to follow their agreed rules, statutory responsibilities or published service standards

    • An unhelpful attitude of someone who works for the council

    • If you feel you have suffered any form of bias or discrimination

  • What is not a complaint

    A complaint is not:

    • An initial request for a service, a one off missed collection or an insurance claim. Report an issue to the Vale of Glamorgan Council

    • An appeal against a 'properly made' decision by a public body

    • A means to seek change to legislation or a 'properly made' policy decision

    • A means for lobbying groups or organisations to seek to promote a cause


If you would like to make a complaint about a council employee, team or service you can make a complaint online:


Online Complaint Form



Complaints about Social ServicesSchoolsCouncillors and Welsh Language are dealt with separately.


Other ways to contact us


  • Contact us by phone

    01446 700111


    If you have difficulties communicating over the phone, you can use the national relay service to help you with your compliment.

  • Contact us in person
    You can speak to a receptionist at our main receptions and libraries.
  • Contact us in writing
    Customer Relations
    Civic Offices
    Holton Road
    CF63 4RU 


Social Services Complaints

There is a separate statutory complaints procedure for Social Services.


  • 01446 704800


Schools Complaints

Schools have their own complaints procedures and the relevant Headteacher should be contacted direct in the first instance.

  • 01446 709107


Councillor Complaints

Complaints about the conduct of Councillors cannot be handled through the complaint system.


Please contact the Public Services Ombudsman for Wales or email the Council’s Monitoring Officer.


  • 0300 7900203


Welsh Language Complaints

There is a separate complaints procedure for complaints relating to the Welsh Language.

Please include contact details and your preferred method of communication. This will enable us to record your complaint.


  • 01446 709362


Policy on Unacceptable Actions by Citizens 

This Policy sets out the Council’s approach to the relatively few individuals whose actions or behaviour against staff and Councillors is considered unacceptable. The term ‘citizen’ includes any person who contacts the Council or acts on behalf of another individual in doing so, any complainant, and any person who requests Council information. Where reference is made to ‘staff’ or ‘officers’ it is also applicable to Councillors. 


Policy on Unacceptable Actions by Citizens