Community Asset Transfer (CAT)

A Community Asset Transfer (CAT) occurs when a public sector body, usually a Local Authority passes on the management and/or ownership of a property asset to a Town / Community Council or local third sector/community group.


The Council has a policy, guidance and process for managing CATs. The guidance provides a reference point for a wide variety of community bodies such as voluntary organisations, co–operatives, mutual, social enterprises and Town/Community Councils who may be considering applying for a Community Asset Transfer. The guidance also aids the decision making processes that the Council needs to follow when considering CAT applications.


Our CAT process is based on key principles of community need, support of the Council’s wider aims and objectives, the need to ensure transparency and sustainability of any proposals. The process has three stages – expression of interest, full business plan and decision. The guidance sets out the types of assets that may or will not be considered suitable for CAT.





Sources of Further Information and Guidance for Applicants

Every year the Big Lottery Fund distribute millions of pounds of the National Lottery's good cause money to community groups and charitable projects around the UK
The Community Land Advisory Service in Wales (CLAS Cymru) aims to help community growing groups, landowners plus others involved in land access, to work together to make more land available for community growing.
Community Matters is the national membership and support organisation for the community sector. They champion voluntary and community action at neighbourhood level, as a means of local people taking control of issues in their area and fostering community spirit.


The My Community website is the portal for community rights information and grant programmes funded by the Department for Communities and Local Government.
The portal is for a wide range of people and organisations who may be interested in the development of land and building assets that can be used for community or public benefit.
Glamorgan Voluntary Services (GVS) is an independent charity and has a flourishing membership of voluntary and community organisations active in the Vale of Glamorgan who help to improve the quality of life of people and communities by supporting volunteers, volunteering opportunities and voluntary groups.
The Asset Transfer Unit (ATU) promotes and supports community asset transfer – the transfer of land and buildings from public bodies to community and voluntary organisations.
National Association of Local Councils in England and Wales
One Voice Wales is the principal organisation for community and town councils in Wales, providing a strong voice representing the councils' interests and a range of high quality services to support their work
The Wales Co-operative Centre supports the development and growth of social entrepreneurship, social enterprises and co-operatives in Wales.
WCVA support and represent Wales’ third sector. They represent and campaign for voluntary organisations, volunteers and communities.
Welsh Government: A Toolkit for the Transfer of Community Assets for Sport, Arts and Cultural
To assist community groups considering the acquisition of community assets for sport, arts and cultural purposes.