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being bilingualYour Bilingual Journey 

There are many advantages to being bilingual. Research has shown that children who speak two languages can be more versatile, more creative in their thinking and can learn other languages easier.


A child who can speak two languages will be able to:

  • Communicate with a wider variety of people
  • Become a bridge between generations, e.g. if there are grandparents or other family members who can speak Welsh
  • Open the door to a different culture. With the opportunity to speak Welsh, your child will benefit from the broader horizons provided by the enjoyment of two cultures.


  • Thinking of choosing Welsh Medium education?

    Thinking of choosing Welsh medium education?


    Please see our Welsh Medium Education and Resources for Parents page for more information. 

  • During pregnancy and from birth 

    Even during pregnancy, babies can hear voices and music. If you are keen to raise your child bilingually, now is the time to start speaking and singing in Welsh to your baby or watch S4C for them to hear the Welsh language being spoken.


    The Cymraeg for Kids programme offers practical support for parents to use Welsh with their child. Cymraeg for Kids in the Vale offer fun, free Welsh medium activities including baby massage sessions, baby yoga and story and song time. These sessions are a great opportunity for parents to socialise and start using Welsh with their baby. There is no need to be a Welsh speaker to participate - everyone is welcome.


    To register for any of the above groups please visit 

  • Preschool 

    The Cylch Ti a Fi gives parents/carers of babies/young children the opportunity to meet once a week to socialise, share experiences about parenting skills, and to play together in an informal Welsh atmosphere. In the Cylch Ti a Fi you can enjoy making new friends, playing with toys, learn to sing simple Welsh songs and listen to Welsh stories with your child.


    The Cylch Meithrin is a Welsh-medium playgroup which offers your child an opportunity to socialise and learn through play under the guidance of professional and qualified staff. By attending the Cylch Meithrin your child will begin their journey to Welsh-medium education and will develop into a confident individual ready to take the next natural step into Welsh-medium education at school.


    Cylchoedd Meithrin in the Vale:

    • Bethesda (Barry)

    • Dechrau Dysgu (Barry)

    • Llanilltud Fawr (Llantwit Major)

    • Pen-y-Garth (Penarth)

    • Pili-Pala (Flying Start, Barry)

    • Y Bont Faen (Cowbridge)


    For further information visit the Mudiad Meithrin website.


    The Family Information Service can help you find Welsh medium childcare and information on help with childcare costs. You can search the FIS Wales website and filter your search by language. Or you can contact them directly.

  • Welsh medium schools 

    Choosing a Welsh medium school or stream is the best way for children to become bilingual - fluent in Welsh and English.


    See the list below of Welsh Schools in the Vale of Glamorgan


    All of the Welsh medium primary schools have a nursery school for children aged 3-4.






    To make sure learners keep and develop their skills in Welsh and English it is important that they continue to access Welsh-medium education at secondary school.




    Ysgol Gymraeg Bro Morgannwg is currently the only welsh medium secondary school in the Vale of Glamorgan. 


    Apply for a secondary school place





  • Welsh language resources 

    There are a number of opportunities to use Welsh outside of the classroom and your child's journey to being bilingual can begin from a very young age. 



    There are various booklets containing information on raising children through the medium of Welsh:


    Welsh-language books, DVDs and CDs for children and learners available online:


    Being Bilingual Vale

    If you are thinking about educating your child through the medium of Welsh and want to know more about the support on offer then our Being Bilingual booklet could help:



    Guide to Welsh Medium Education

    Welsh Government has produced a Guide to Welsh Medium Education providing information on beginning your bilingual journey:

    Bilingual Journey

    Begin your Bilingual Journey for you and your child by choosing Welsh medium childcare and education:




    The First Steps to Bilingualism outlines the benefits of speaking two languages: 



    Information for parents


    Early Years




    Community and Welsh Language activities



  • Learn Welsh 

    There are a variety of courses available in the Vale of Glamorgan and Cardiff for adults to learn Welsh.


    Welsh for the Family teaches phrases, songs, stories and games and is aimed at parents, grandparents and those working with children:


    Learn welsh bro



Welsh Schools in the Vale of Glamorgan 


  • Ysgol Gwaun y Nant

    Gwaun Y Nant - Outside 2b

    Capacity: 420 pupils with 82 part-time nursery places

    Age range: 3 - 11

    More about this school: School building improved as part of a £3.79 million investment in Band A of the 21st Century Schools Programme. Further information from ‘My Local School’

  • Ysgol Gymraeg Dewi Sant

    Ysgol Dewi Sant

    Capacity: 210 pupils with 56 part-time nursery places

    Age range: 3 – 11 

    More about this school: New school building constructed in Band A of the 21st Century Schools Programme. Further information from ‘My Local School’.

  • Ysgol Iolo Morganwg

    ysgol iolo morgannwg

    Capacity: 210 pupils with 30 part-time nursery places

    Age range: 3 – 11 

    More about this school: Ysgol Iolo Morganwg will be increasing capacity from 210 places to 420 Welsh medium places with 96 part-time nursery places and immersion facilities by constructing a new school building on the Darren Farm site. More information from 'My Local School'  





  • Ysgol Pen y Garth

    Pen y Garth

    Capacity: 420 pupils with 76 part-time nursery places

    Age range: 3 – 11 

    More about this school: Ysgol Gymraeg Pen-y-Garth is situated on the outskirts of Penarth and our catchment area extends to Sully, Dinas Powys and Llandough. Further information from ‘My Local School

  • Ysgol Sant Baruc



    Ysgol Sant Baruc Classroom

    Capacity:210 pupils with 48 part-time nursery places

    Age range: 3 - 11 


    More about this school: In order to provide additional school places to meet the future demand for Welsh Medium education, Ysgol Sant Baruc has expanded from 210 places to 420 places and moved to a new state of the art building at Barry Waterfront. More information on 'My Local School'




  • Ysgol Sant Curig 

    sant curig

    Capacity: 420 pupils with 114 part-time nursery places

    Age range: 3 – 11

    More about this school: Ysgol Sant Curig is centrally located in Barry, being flanked by College Road and Buttrills Road, yet we are fortunate to have an extensive green field site. Children come from all parts of the town and our catchment area also includes Rhoose and Wenvoe. Further information from ‘My Local School’ 


  • Ysgol Gymraeg Bro Morgannwg 

    Ysgol Gymraeg Bro Morgannwg Primary Building

    Capcity: Primary 210 pupils with 56 part-time nursery places. Secondary 1361 pupils with 6th form

    Age range: 3 - 18 

    More about this school: New primary school building constructed in Band A of the 21st Century Schools Programme. Refurbishment and expansion of secondary to 1660 pupils will be delivered in Band B of the 21st Century Schools Programme. Further information from ‘My Local School’.


Welsh Language Centre

Is your child aged 5-11? Have you been considering Welsh-medium education? An exciting opportunity is now available through a new 12-week programme at our Welsh Language Centre.


If your child is new to the Welsh language, our Centre will allow primary-age learners to be immersed in the Welsh language and gain a level of fluency that will enable them to succeed in their Welsh-medium education journey at a Welsh-medium school in the Vale of Glamorgan.


More information on the Welsh Language Centre

Being Bilingual


Why being bilingual is good for your brain


The benefits of learning a language


Search for Welsh Medium Childcare and Activities


Search for Welsh medium childcare and activities in the Vale by visiting the FIS Wales website and filter by ‘language’:



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